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KK Eats : Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian. It's Sabah Must Eat! 【沙巴吃】 亚庇 : 沙巴生肉面! 新苏兰生肉面

大家都知道,来沙巴就是要来吃我们著名的生肉面! 毕竟当生肉面已经变成沙巴必吃之一时, 数量的本地茶店也有卖着它啦! 

我本人不是一个超爱吃生肉面的人, 但差不多每一个月都有吃一两次当早餐。

They always say that Sang Nyuk Mian is a must eat when we visit Sabah. There are also a few coffee shops that are selling the same menus and of course, each have their difference taste as well. :) Which one is the most recommended one they asked, it just depends on personal preference. :)

In fact, I had Sang Nyuk Mian almost once or twice in a month although I'm not a Sang Nyuk Mian lover. It's the fastest preparation of meal for breakfast and I always go for that two Sang Nyuk Mian restaurant.

- 生肉面 Sang Nyuk Mian -

在沙巴, 生肉面的料方面是以猪肉为主。 另外猪肠,猪肝, 猪腰,猪肠和猪肉丸样样都有, 就照着客人要求而已。

Have you ever wonder what's this "Sang Nyuk Mian"? It's a hakka dialect of pork slices ("Sang Nyuk") Noodle ("Mian"). In Sabah, many of us know what's Sang Nyuk Mian, regardless of what races are we. The ingredients can be ordered according to our preference, we can choose pork slices, pork intestines and others.

- 新苏兰生肉面 Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian -

装修后的新苏兰生肉面有了新的面孔了, 现在可以容纳更多客人。你知道吗? 美食界出名的 Martin Yan 颁了沙巴华人美食奖给这家老板呢!

The newly renovated Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian Restaurant.  You know what? Even the famous Chef, Martin Yan did gave award to them for Best Chinese Food in the World, if I'm not mistaken.

- 新苏兰生肉面 Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian -

还记得那天我接受了 NTV7 邀请担任 《爱食客》 的本地主持人时, 带着工作人员来到新苏兰生肉面, 利达分行享有沙巴必吃美食。老板那天也亲自下厨准备美食好让我们尝尝他们家的炭烧生肉面。听说炭烧的食物是比较入味的, 哈哈。 我只懂得找吃而已啦。

Few months ago, I was invited by NTV7 to be the co-host for Sabah Episode, I have brought them to Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian, Lintas branch for food hunting. :) The specialty of the restaurant was using charcoal to prepare their dishes. Perhaps the broth is also their secret as well, I believe of aging while running a restaurant business.

- 爱食客 《三》 主持人与我 Co-Host of Foodie Blogger 3 Sabah Episode -

 好了!三间爱食客里要介绍的终于介绍完了。 请大家多多支持本地创作, 《爱食客》 会在这 十九号起,每逢星期日,下午三点三十分开始播出 (NTV 7), 沙巴篇拭目以待!

Just for remembrance with the host. :) Do watch the Foodie Blogger show which will start on 19th July, 2015, every Sunday at 3.30pm, NTV 7! Sabah Episode will be show sometime around September, if no any changes in their schedule! Don't say you missed it!

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Lintas Plaza, Damai, Metro Town and Bundusan Pavilion of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. yay yay! i will stay tune and watch your episode. thanks for watching mine one too!
    sang nyuk mian! i really wanna try that out in KK one day!!!