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【中国】 福建之旅 : 十一天十夜 China Guide : Fu Jian (V.1) - 11 Days 10 Nights

Guide to Fu Jian (福建), China (中国)

我们从沙巴飞往第一站的广州过了一夜,第二天到了白云国际机场 (Baiyun International Airport) 再飞往福州开始我们的旅程! 我们的行程总共是十一天, 十夜玩透广州以及福建!

在此我要分享在福建所见所闻还有吃吧! 哈哈! 我们这次的旅程总算看到了福建省的美,以下是我们到此一游的地方 - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福州 (Fu Zhou), 厦门 (Xia Men), 永定 (Yong Ding) and 东山 (Dong Shan).

We had our transit from Guang Zhou to Fu Zhou during our trip. The province and sub provinces that we have visited during our 11 days and 10 nights were 广州 (Guang Zhou) and 福建 (Fu Jian). 

In this entry, it is all about the summary on Fu Jian Province, the sub provinces that we have visited are 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福州 (Fu Zhou), 厦门 (Xia Men), 永定 (Yong Ding) and 东山 (Dong Shan).

1. 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain)
在武夷山的经验是很特别的, 风景超漂亮的! 我们还观赏了张艺谋导演的作品 - 印象大红袍山水实景演出,365度的方向观看舞剧,整个舞剧令人难忘! 如果还有机会 我还有到武夷山,记得冷天去还蛮爽快的!

The experience at Mt. WuYi was one of the remarkable one, I love the scenery and the cold breezy air there. We went to watch Producer, Zhang Yi Mou's work of art for Mt. Wu Yi - 大红袍 Da Hong Pao, it was amazing with 365 degree surrounding musical drama!

  * Sightseeing at night - Lifestyle
  * Five Star Hotel - 武夷山悦华酒店 Yeo Hwa Resort
  * 云窝 天游 桃园洞景区 The Cloud's Lair, Heavenly Tour and Peach Blossom Paradise Scenic Area

  * 印象大红袍山水实景演出 Stage Performance of DaHongPao
  * 大红袍茶园, 一线天, 风洞与虎啸岩 Tea Garden, Tread of Sky, Wind Cave and Tiger Roar Cliff

2. 福州 (Fu Zhou)
他们说来到福建省,一定要到福州市。 它是福建生最大的城市, 也是福建省首都。

If we have the chance to visit Fu Jian, it is a must to visit the capital and largest city of FuJian - Fu Zhou!
  * 滨江公园/滨江大道 与 鼓山涌泉寺 The Garden of Min River and Yong Quan Temple

  * 林则徐纪念堂 & 三坊七巷 Lin ZeXu and Cultural Street ShanFangQiXiang


3. 厦门 (Xia Men) 
厦门是最近台湾的城市, 只有边界那么近, 所以厦门的风格与台湾有相像的。 那天到了它们的步行街逛逛, 还以为我在台湾呢!

XiaMen is a city where it is located at the border to Taiwan. The lifestyle and culture of Xia Men is similar to Taiwan, I even thought I was visiting Taiwan when I visited their Pedestrian Street!
  * 子弹头火车 与 中山路步行街 Bullet Train and ZhongShan Pedestrian Street

  * 鼓浪屿 Pedestrian area of GuLangYu

4. 永定 (Yong Ding)  
也许客家人是来自永定区吧?永定客家土楼是世界上独一无二,圆圆的楼层或是长方形的。 在土楼里居住的家人让土楼更坚固,土楼的寿命会很长当居住的人很多。 因为永定是属于一个区, 离市区是很远的, 我们饮食方面是有点不习惯。

Yongding is a district under the jurisdiction of Longyan prefecture-level city in the southwest of Fujian Province. It is the home of many Hakka-speaking families.

Because of its location and not many tourists will choose Yong Ding as their visiting preference. The dinner we had surprised us as in a no no way and the weather was cold and we even can feel the temperature drop when we were in the hotel, I covered myself with layers!

   * 土楼 Tu Lou/ House of Clay
5. 东山 (Dong Shan)

Dongshan District was a former district in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China located to the west of Tianhe District and the east of Yuexiu District. It was the political and cultural centre of Guangdong Province and noted for its high quality education.

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