Sunday, July 26, 2015

《爱食客3》 开播咯!!:) Foodie Blogger 3 : Let's Watch #NTV7! Every Sunday, 3.30pm

沙巴集 My video - Watch here!

新一季《爱食客》节目开播了! 上星期谁有在看呢??我看到了著名夫妻档部落客KampungBoyCityGal 介绍的马来餐很好吃哦!

The first episode of Foodie Blogger was on air last Sunday, 3.30pm, anyone watched it? The well known couple blogger KampungBoyCityGal introduced delicious Malay cuisine for this Raya celebration.

- 《爱食客》 Foodie Blogger -

来来~ 看看- 《爱食客》 的预告片!

Here's a short clip of Foodie Blogger. Do expect all the good meals around Malaysia!

今天是星期天, 别忘了看看节目吧!每个星期日, 7月19号起, 下午3点30分开始!NTV7!

那些错过了节目的朋友们, 别失望! 我们可以到以下网站观看重播, 外地的朋友们应该也可以!

It's Sunday today, don't forget to watch it!

Every Sunday, from 19 July, 2015, 3.30pm on NTV7!

For those who can't make it, the show can be seen at the following website. Don't worry of not getting to known the best to eat in Malaysia. :D

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只需要(1)注册 (2) Login 然后可以寻找《爱食客》节目啦! 很简单!

It's easy as ABC, simply register on the website and we can start searching the show and watch them online.

(1) Register (2) Login

- 《爱食客》 Foodie Blogger -

上星期的 《爱食客》 节目。 哈罗张顺源!

The first episode last week. Hello Ernest!

好了, 请收看NTV7 吧! 也许你们想问我, 我的那一集是何时上映。 其实, 我也不晓得是哪一个星期日播出!我会在我的面子书更新消息, 请按个“”吧!

For those who would like to know the episode which I will be in, I would love to say I am not sure about it as well! But any how, the trailer of the episode will be shown and I will update all of you!

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  1. wah, i wish to join a part of it~ XD

  2. i got watch also but when is the episode featuring u ah?

  3. wow, this is nice, i wish to join :P