Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sabah : Tribute to the Fallen Ones #Sabahquake (05.06.2015) 【沙巴新鲜事】 致敬 #沙巴地震

一篇一篇的文章、一张一张的照片已布满了面子书。将近每一则新闻也报导了我州, 沙巴近来发生的地震事件。一切真叫人心酸。



It's been a heart breaking news since the first tremors/ earth quake strikes our beloved Sabah. Words can't describe the feelings we had for our dearest Sabah and Sabah Quake victims.

Without saying much, let the photos speak.

就在亚庇市中心的涂鸦广场,人们都献上了花与蜡烛, 致敬那些在地震中赔了性命的人。

Tribute to the late victims at Heritage Building (Graffiti Building), KK City on 08.06.2015.

*Credit to Charlotte*

说真的, 亚庇摇晃蛮厉害的。 最恐怖是兰脑地带以及一些小地方, 陆地,屋子及一些楼城已被破坏了。

Frankly speaking, KK is fine although the shaking was magnitude 6.0, we could feel the shaking and even see the building and our surrounding was shaking the other day. There's some scary sound coming when I was having my shower that morning 7.15am. Quickly jump out the washroom to make sure I'm safe and okay. You can't imagine the fear. :(

The most pity area is at the mountain, Ranau was horribly shaken and some of the buildings need to be renovated as at current updates.

这是几年前所拍的照片。 早早起床只为了与它近距离的接触,真的很开心的。 😊 那是我们雄伟、神圣的神山,京那巴鲁山。

That's the perfect photo I could find in my folder. The perfect view of Mount Kinabalu.

地震是无法预测的,我相信登山向导们与现场的每一位也付出了所有能力协助与急救受难者。 他们的勇敢也令我们深深感触, 谢谢你们。

Never expect this will happen to Sabah. I believe that the rescuer, the mountain guides and the authority have played their part well to save the victims. Thank you.


Here are some of the reliable associations that we can contribute to. Kindly do contact or donate to them if you feeling so. :)  

希望这篇文章可以帮助到地震受难者。在此,谢谢你们所捐款的心意。 :)

Hopefully this sharing could help a little. Sincerely, I would like to thanks to those who contribute to the #Sabahquake victims.

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  1. Yea, its' really a heart breaking moments in our history, specifically in Sabah. Never would we thought our Land Below the Wind will suffer such disaster.

    Well, not much to say. Glad to see your pics because I'm not in KK. Wished I could pay my respects at the site.

    Happy friday, Meitzeu.