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【中国游玩记】 : 广州 - 逛街时间到!上下九广场与北京路 Fun in China : Guang Zhou - Shopping Time!

中国 第十章 China Part 10 - 广州 Guang Zhou

幸亏那天的天气不错,我们的导游带我们到了广州著名的上下九广场走一走这里是购物天堂,所谓可以买到便宜与值得的东西, 也可以吃到各种小吃。

After our lunch, it's time for shopping! Our tour guide brought us to the well know Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang for a short walk and catch up when it is time to go back to the hotel. :)


- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

人山人海的上下九街。 在中国, 我们的确要小心乞丐和扒手, 一不小心宝贵物品就不见了。 我好心的爸爸给了一位老乞丐一点钱, 也因此后来又几个乞丐跟随着我们! 我们也。。。 快跑咯!

In China, there's thousand of people every where. In fact, we need to careful of people around, the beggars and pick pockets especially. Being a nice person, my dad gave some money to an old beggar, due to this, the beggar informed his friends and they followed us. The last thing to do will be RUN!!!

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

这是我们的下午茶小吃, 脆辣猪猪球蛮好吃的! 看着窗外的风景, 可是另一番风味。

We went to Mc Donald for afternoon tea since there's no other foods that caught our eyes and THAT'S FREAKING CHINA! WE SHOULD BE WORRYING! Yet fast food better when we travel far from home! Haha. =D

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang - 

这是我的第一杯贡茶, 沙巴是找不到的。 味道也只有奶茶。

The first cup of Gong Cha. Not in Malaysia, but I had it in China. :)

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

拍了最后一张照也是时候回酒店了。 如果有下次, 我不会想回到上下九广场逛逛, 也许没什么可以吸引我吧。 但如果要找便宜物品, 这里必定一个不错的购物天堂。

The last shot before heading back to hotel. 

Overall, Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang doesn't make me wanted to visit for the second time, maybe it's because the there's not many things that I can buy from there.

第二天,我们来到了北京路。 好漂亮的街,店面也不错。 很多连锁店, 专卖店在这里。 我喜欢!

On the next day, we went to Bei Jing Street. I love this place very much! Lots of things to see and to shop! Pretty street in fact. :)

- 北京路 Bei Jing Street -

- 北京路 Bei Jing Street -

在北京路我们可以看见许多熟悉的连锁品牌, 也可以到特别的咖啡屋看书与品赏咖啡。

Good stuffs to be search for in Bei Jing Street. This is where I bought some of my gifts and a sweater for myself! The local China sports brand - 361 Celsius.

- 北京路 Bei Jing Street -

中国政府在北京路也设计了一些地底历史经历, 好让我们了解中国历史古迹。

It was really good that the government designed the street with transparent glasses which we can see and learn a bit of China history on the ground.

好啦! 我就到此为止。 北京路, 我好想你哦!

That's all for today! Somehow I do miss Beijing Street! So many things to buy!


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