Saturday, June 27, 2015

KK 【沙巴食】 : Buka Puasa at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa 亚庇 : 斋戒月之自由餐

 一年一度的斋戒月又开始了, 这时候各大本地酒店也准备了本地与国际美食招待客人。我们有口福咯!

It's been years that local hotels take part in preparing variety of delicacies to accommodate "Buka Puasa"/ "Sungkai" for guests during fasting month of Ramadan.

来吧! 我们去Cafe TATU, 香格里拉丹容雅路 (STARS) 吃大餐! Hey! Let's go "Sungkai" together at Cafe TATU of Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa (STARS)!

- 烤羊 Whole Roast Lamb - 


Whole Roast Lamb with Middle Eastern mezze selection is the highlight during fasting month.


- 牛肉咖喱 Beef Curry - 

 味道蛮香的, 咖喱酱一流。

The red chili paste presentation made it look tasty and it dies smell delicious.

- Cafe TATU - 

这是STARS 的一个角落布满了各式各样的菜肴让我们选择。 还有我最爱的意大利粉与新鲜三文鱼寿司!让人眼花缭乱, 不知从何开始下手。本地中胃口爱好者与爱吃马来、印度餐的, 可以考虑 Cafe TATU。

One of the corner at Cafe TATU, the whole venue was crowded and varieties of dishes to choose with. For them who love spicy food, Indian and Malay food, this is a good place to enjoy Buka Puasa. 

- 烤羊 Whole Roast Lamb  -


- 甜品 Dessert Corner - 

好多甜品哦, 我每个都想试, 可是胖了就糟糕, 他们也有马卡龙呢!

Varieties of small desserts waited for me to pick them. Gosh! They are so pretty and colourful. 


- 海鲜 Assorted Fresh Seafood Corner -

趁着斋戒月时,Cafe TATU 带给大家不同的美食经验。 中东烤羊, 土耳其式烤肉,炭烧烤牛。

During this fasting month, Cafe TATU is offering guests special buka puasa menus featuring a variety of local and international delicacies on a daily rotation basis. The best choices will be from Whole Roast Lamb with middle Eastern mezze selection to traditional Turkish Doner kebabs and charcoal-grilled beef to fresh seafood.


- 面包 Bakery and Pastries Corner - 

我爱Blue Cheese! 它让我想起大学的学生时期。 怀念。 

Bread, crackers, cheese. International varieties to suit us too.


- 印度饼 Naan Bread - 


 - 音乐伴奏 Music Performance -


 - 烧烤 Barbecue Corner -

 告诉他我们的选择, 他会为我们准备。

Barbecue corner, choose the raw meat and the chef will prepare for us. :)

Cafe TATU 斋戒月自由餐时间 6.00pm 至 10.30pm. 价格 RM135.00 (大人), RM67.50 (小孩)。 售卖票现在至15 July, 2015.

 Cafe TATU's buka puasa treats will be serve from 6.00pm to 10.30pm. The buffet is prices at RM135.00 nett per adult and RM67.50 nett per child. Vouchers are available now to 15 July, 2015.

The Ramadan Festive Desk at the lobby is open daily from now to 15 July 2015 between 10.00am to 6.00pm.


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