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Saturday, June 27, 2015

KK 【沙巴食】 : Buka Puasa at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa 亚庇 : 斋戒月之自由餐

 一年一度的斋戒月又开始了, 这时候各大本地酒店也准备了本地与国际美食招待客人。我们有口福咯!

It's been years that local hotels take part in preparing variety of delicacies to accommodate "Buka Puasa"/ "Sungkai" for guests during fasting month of Ramadan.

来吧! 我们去Cafe TATU, 香格里拉丹容雅路 (STARS) 吃大餐! Hey! Let's go "Sungkai" together at Cafe TATU of Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa (STARS)!

- 烤羊 Whole Roast Lamb - 


Whole Roast Lamb with Middle Eastern mezze selection is the highlight during fasting month.


- 牛肉咖喱 Beef Curry - 

 味道蛮香的, 咖喱酱一流。

The red chili paste presentation made it look tasty and it dies smell delicious.

- Cafe TATU - 

这是STARS 的一个角落布满了各式各样的菜肴让我们选择。 还有我最爱的意大利粉与新鲜三文鱼寿司!让人眼花缭乱, 不知从何开始下手。本地中胃口爱好者与爱吃马来、印度餐的, 可以考虑 Cafe TATU。

One of the corner at Cafe TATU, the whole venue was crowded and varieties of dishes to choose with. For them who love spicy food, Indian and Malay food, this is a good place to enjoy Buka Puasa. 

- 烤羊 Whole Roast Lamb  -


- 甜品 Dessert Corner - 

好多甜品哦, 我每个都想试, 可是胖了就糟糕, 他们也有马卡龙呢!

Varieties of small desserts waited for me to pick them. Gosh! They are so pretty and colourful. 


- 海鲜 Assorted Fresh Seafood Corner -

趁着斋戒月时,Cafe TATU 带给大家不同的美食经验。 中东烤羊, 土耳其式烤肉,炭烧烤牛。

During this fasting month, Cafe TATU is offering guests special buka puasa menus featuring a variety of local and international delicacies on a daily rotation basis. The best choices will be from Whole Roast Lamb with middle Eastern mezze selection to traditional Turkish Doner kebabs and charcoal-grilled beef to fresh seafood.


- 面包 Bakery and Pastries Corner - 

我爱Blue Cheese! 它让我想起大学的学生时期。 怀念。 

Bread, crackers, cheese. International varieties to suit us too.


- 印度饼 Naan Bread - 


 - 音乐伴奏 Music Performance -


 - 烧烤 Barbecue Corner -

 告诉他我们的选择, 他会为我们准备。

Barbecue corner, choose the raw meat and the chef will prepare for us. :)

Cafe TATU 斋戒月自由餐时间 6.00pm 至 10.30pm. 价格 RM135.00 (大人), RM67.50 (小孩)。 售卖票现在至15 July, 2015.

 Cafe TATU's buka puasa treats will be serve from 6.00pm to 10.30pm. The buffet is prices at RM135.00 nett per adult and RM67.50 nett per child. Vouchers are available now to 15 July, 2015.

The Ramadan Festive Desk at the lobby is open daily from now to 15 July 2015 between 10.00am to 6.00pm.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 : 哈韩雪沙与咖啡 Food in Sabah - Kota Kinabalu : BingsuTime @ Nunpat Cafe

听了一些人满意的评语, 我也亲自试试。

Heard the good respond on the Bingsu fever by Nunpat Cafe which opened since last year.

- Green Tea Bingsu -

期待着阿力士点的绿茶 Bingsu! 第一次看到我们的雪沙是有点失望。 汤圆的样子真的好失礼, 就如相片中。雪沙的味道还ok,雪糕是我们所推荐的!

It was a bit disappointed when I first see our bowl of Green Tea Bingsu. The glutinous balls were not nicely presented. I love the soft textured shaved ice, it melted within seconds. Green Tea ice cream is our favourite!

- Nunpat Cafe -

不止韩国雪沙在这里可以享用, 我们还可以点一杯香浓咖啡呢! :)

好了, 到此!

Not only we can have varieties of Bingsu, they do serve other snacks as well, from cakes to coffee! Who love coffee?!

Location: Oceanus Hypermall and City Mall.

Instagram : @meitzeu

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

【中国游玩记】 : 广州 - 逛街时间到!上下九广场与北京路 Fun in China : Guang Zhou - Shopping Time!

中国 第十章 China Part 10 - 广州 Guang Zhou

幸亏那天的天气不错,我们的导游带我们到了广州著名的上下九广场走一走这里是购物天堂,所谓可以买到便宜与值得的东西, 也可以吃到各种小吃。

After our lunch, it's time for shopping! Our tour guide brought us to the well know Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang for a short walk and catch up when it is time to go back to the hotel. :)


- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

人山人海的上下九街。 在中国, 我们的确要小心乞丐和扒手, 一不小心宝贵物品就不见了。 我好心的爸爸给了一位老乞丐一点钱, 也因此后来又几个乞丐跟随着我们! 我们也。。。 快跑咯!

In China, there's thousand of people every where. In fact, we need to careful of people around, the beggars and pick pockets especially. Being a nice person, my dad gave some money to an old beggar, due to this, the beggar informed his friends and they followed us. The last thing to do will be RUN!!!

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

这是我们的下午茶小吃, 脆辣猪猪球蛮好吃的! 看着窗外的风景, 可是另一番风味。

We went to Mc Donald for afternoon tea since there's no other foods that caught our eyes and THAT'S FREAKING CHINA! WE SHOULD BE WORRYING! Yet fast food better when we travel far from home! Haha. =D

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang - 

这是我的第一杯贡茶, 沙巴是找不到的。 味道也只有奶茶。

The first cup of Gong Cha. Not in Malaysia, but I had it in China. :)

- 上下九广场 Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang -

拍了最后一张照也是时候回酒店了。 如果有下次, 我不会想回到上下九广场逛逛, 也许没什么可以吸引我吧。 但如果要找便宜物品, 这里必定一个不错的购物天堂。

The last shot before heading back to hotel. 

Overall, Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang doesn't make me wanted to visit for the second time, maybe it's because the there's not many things that I can buy from there.

第二天,我们来到了北京路。 好漂亮的街,店面也不错。 很多连锁店, 专卖店在这里。 我喜欢!

On the next day, we went to Bei Jing Street. I love this place very much! Lots of things to see and to shop! Pretty street in fact. :)

- 北京路 Bei Jing Street -

- 北京路 Bei Jing Street -

在北京路我们可以看见许多熟悉的连锁品牌, 也可以到特别的咖啡屋看书与品赏咖啡。

Good stuffs to be search for in Bei Jing Street. This is where I bought some of my gifts and a sweater for myself! The local China sports brand - 361 Celsius.

- 北京路 Bei Jing Street -

中国政府在北京路也设计了一些地底历史经历, 好让我们了解中国历史古迹。

It was really good that the government designed the street with transparent glasses which we can see and learn a bit of China history on the ground.

好啦! 我就到此为止。 北京路, 我好想你哦!

That's all for today! Somehow I do miss Beijing Street! So many things to buy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sabah : Tribute to the Fallen Ones #Sabahquake (05.06.2015) 【沙巴新鲜事】 致敬 #沙巴地震

一篇一篇的文章、一张一张的照片已布满了面子书。将近每一则新闻也报导了我州, 沙巴近来发生的地震事件。一切真叫人心酸。



It's been a heart breaking news since the first tremors/ earth quake strikes our beloved Sabah. Words can't describe the feelings we had for our dearest Sabah and Sabah Quake victims.

Without saying much, let the photos speak.

就在亚庇市中心的涂鸦广场,人们都献上了花与蜡烛, 致敬那些在地震中赔了性命的人。

Tribute to the late victims at Heritage Building (Graffiti Building), KK City on 08.06.2015.

*Credit to Charlotte*

说真的, 亚庇摇晃蛮厉害的。 最恐怖是兰脑地带以及一些小地方, 陆地,屋子及一些楼城已被破坏了。

Frankly speaking, KK is fine although the shaking was magnitude 6.0, we could feel the shaking and even see the building and our surrounding was shaking the other day. There's some scary sound coming when I was having my shower that morning 7.15am. Quickly jump out the washroom to make sure I'm safe and okay. You can't imagine the fear. :(

The most pity area is at the mountain, Ranau was horribly shaken and some of the buildings need to be renovated as at current updates.

这是几年前所拍的照片。 早早起床只为了与它近距离的接触,真的很开心的。 😊 那是我们雄伟、神圣的神山,京那巴鲁山。

That's the perfect photo I could find in my folder. The perfect view of Mount Kinabalu.

地震是无法预测的,我相信登山向导们与现场的每一位也付出了所有能力协助与急救受难者。 他们的勇敢也令我们深深感触, 谢谢你们。

Never expect this will happen to Sabah. I believe that the rescuer, the mountain guides and the authority have played their part well to save the victims. Thank you.


Here are some of the reliable associations that we can contribute to. Kindly do contact or donate to them if you feeling so. :)  

希望这篇文章可以帮助到地震受难者。在此,谢谢你们所捐款的心意。 :)

Hopefully this sharing could help a little. Sincerely, I would like to thanks to those who contribute to the #Sabahquake victims.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tamparuli : Homemade Noodle by Wun Chiap Restaurant 【沙巴食】 担波罗里 - 家乡味之云集酒楼

大约45分钟车程, 来至亚庇的我们终于到达了担波罗里(Tamparuli)老镇。 


When they mentioned Tamparuli, it reminds me of the song "Jambatan Tamparuli". 

That "Pak Pak Kang Ku Do. SuMuSui Do Jambatan.

Jambatan Do Tamparuli. Ba Kasut Tinggi O Ku." :)

After 45 minutes of on the road journey, we arrived at Tamparuli again! And its' noodle time again!

- 春卷肉圆汤 Spring Rolls and Meatball Soup - 

家乡味的春卷肉圆汤。 如果没错的话,这是本土的客家人的特色,起源于客家人。

Spring rolls and meatball soup. A hot bowl of soup along with their handmade fried egg noodles, do make a good combination.

- 叉烧煎蛋 与 炒面 Fried Eggs with Roasted Meat and Fried Egg Noodles -

简单的早餐, 这也是我家假日的早餐。 爸爸特地驾车带着我们去凑热闹, 吃碟炒面! 哈哈!它就是鼎鼎有名的 Tamparuli 炒面!

Breakfast that we had during public holidays most of the time, even the owner know my dad. My dad love to go bring us to Tamparuli, just for the plate of fried egg noodle. And that's the specialty of Wun Chiap Restaurant.

- 客家特色 与 Tamparuli 炒面 The Yong Taufu, Yong Egg and Tamparuli Fried Noodle -

酿豆腐 与 酿鸡蛋卷。这都是客家的特色, 豆腐平日都可以吃到,但是鸡蛋卷只有假日或星期天才会卖。卖完就没啦!他们的年轻一辈的家人只有假日才可以回乡帮忙, 所以一天售卖的鸡蛋卷非常有限!

The "Yong" dishes. Originated from the Hakkas. Just to let you know, the egg rolls covering the minced meat only serves on public holidays and weekends. It is because the family members who studies/ works in KK are back to Tamparuli to lend a hand. :)   

- 云集特色 The Special Dishes by Wun Chiap -

还记得我与NTV7 的拍摄取景那天, 这都是老板, 老板娘好心为我们准备的料理, 但是部分没在本店菜单上! 有福咯~ 感恩!原本提防我们的老板们渐渐对我们也好了起来,第一次本店上节目还有尤其是是当他们知道了#张顺源(本国马来西亚明星)到访/ 主持#爱食客节目! 保持低调, 别说有明星到此。 哈哈! 非常搞笑的!

I still remember the day during the video shoot for "Foodie Blogger"(NTV7), part of the dishes served by the owner and not in the menu though. :) In fact, the owners were not that friendly but in the end, especially when there's #Ernest Chong, the Malaysian artist, the whole atmosphere become friendlier.

- 我本人,老板与家人 还有 张顺源 A group photo of Us -

还是小妹妹最厉害! 告诉妈妈有明星! 很高兴NTV7 #爱食客 可以享受到当地美食, 尤其是这个家乡味的Tamparuli 炒面。

他们问我为何介绍这间店, 我只回答最特别的鸡蛋手打面, 酿鸡蛋卷,还有这间老店的存在。 那座桥作为 Tamparuli 地标。最重要的是从小都来这间吃那碟炒面的味道!一路上的风景的确迷人,也只有幸运的人才可以看到那个所谓雄伟的神山呢!!最终该说的是,全世界的每一个老镇都值得分享与被了解。

Before we left for our next video shoot, we took a group photo with the owner and his family members. I am glad that #Foodie Blogger crews could have a taste of one of our well known local delicacies.

For our information, this generation of Wun Chiap Restaurant should be the last generation to run the business. Therefore, visiting to the restaurant should be one of our to do list before the end.

- 两位主持人 The Co-Host and Host of #Foodie Blogger -

一张与#张顺源的合照做为纪念。人生的第一次上节目真的还蛮不错的经验, 看着NTV7 #爱食客 的制作团体的热情以及专业对于他们的制作行程, 真的大开眼界。

A photo with #Ernest Chong at Wun Chiap Restaurant as remembrance. Experiencing to be the co-host for the first time in my life, especially on screen really opens my eye and getting to make new friends from another field personally.

位于 : 

Location : 
The block next to SJK (C) Chung Hwa Tamparuli .