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《爱食客三》 Foodie Blogger 3 - I'm on NTV7 Show! #Sabah Episode with Ernest 张顺源

It was an honour that meitzeu.com has been invited to be one of the co-host for Foodie Blogger 3 爱食客 《三》 Sabah episode by NTV7. :)

It has been exciting and keep bearing in mind that "JUST DO IT!" But, it seems like I'm nervous in a way that I wonder what did I talk during the shooting. (haha :D) 

Without bragging more, lets start with the first location!

From KK to Tamparuli town, it takes roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and HELLO to the famous extension bridge of Tamparuli!


- The "first" meet -

The landmark of Tamparuli town  - Tamparuli extension bridge "Jambatan Tamparuli"

*The original one was destroyed in Year 1999 by the flood, it was replaced by stronger bridge which we are standing today.

The means of people walking by foot back and forth, in and out of Tamparuli. Tamparuli was packed on every Wednesday, whereby the "Tamu" (local weekly market) was held on that day on weekly basis.

The lower bridge was for the use of vehicles and when the bridge covered by over flowed river water/ flood, there's another bridge which is higher at the other end of Tamparuli will be used.

In fact, Tamparuli is a mandatory town to pass by before heading to a few destinations, especially Kundasang. :)

- Wun Chiap Restaurant 云集酒楼 -

The first restaurant to start with. With Ernest 张顺源, the host of Foodie Blogger. Looks cute doesn't he?

- Scenes -

A short scene and dialogue to make the show interesting!

- Dishes by Wun Chiap Restaurant -

Some may say it's just an ordinary fried noodles, but you never know what's behind the story of this homemade egg noodles. 

- Let's Eat -
So back in KK! And that's the Second place to introduce!

- The boss in action - 

老板很开心哦! Mr. Ng certainly happy for showing his skill!

- Sang Nyuk Mian -

They say that if we never had this, it means that we never visited Sabah before -

Sang Nyuk Mian 生肉面

I have introduced Sinsuran Sang Nyuk Mian, which I normally go. The pork meat slices just melted somehow. 

The third place to introduce will be in the middle of KK city. :) I love KK city!

- At the fountain of KK -

Guess where?! The weather was hot that day but the outcome was good. :)

- Their Breakfast -

That's Ah Leong and Berry! Extremely friendly in person!

- The process -

We have the chance to capture bits of the process to make the famous buns! Smell of goodness after those were baked!

- The host and the crew behind the scene -

I do admire the team work and down to earth personality. Responsible and serious while having fun as well. :)

I have learned something from the shooting period. "The beauty of food."

- Introducing and Tasting -

It's time for "Hainese buns! Peh Leh, Kopi O Ji Jiang!" (Uncle, one cup of black coffee please!)

- The third generation of Keng Wan Heng Restaurant 琼万兴茶店 -

Alex and Suki. One of the friendliest people in Gaya Street and very happy with what they are doing. Serving classic fresh buns every day! Appreciate the passion to keep the classics bun for us to enjoy the authentic KK since 1980's.

- With host and the crew behind the scene -

From left to right, Victor (Assistant Producer), Jayson (camera man), Berry (Assistant Producer), me (co-host), Ernest (the host) and Ah Leong (Producer/Director).

Thank you for giving meitzeu.con this special opportunity to be the co-host of Sabah episode. Thank you for being patience towards me during the shooting. :)

That's all for today! Stay tuned this September for Sabah episode! Gosh! I'm actually appearing on national TV screen! I wonder what did I say and how I look from the screen.

And just to say, remember to watch the whole Third season of Foodie Blogger, hunting the goodness of Malaysia!

Here's a bit of what we did!

Hehe  a short clip on "Foodies Blogger 爱食客"!
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  1. wow, congratulation, i am happy for you~

  2. SO HAPPY FOR U DARLING!!! <3 Btw Keng Wan Hing is my everyday breakfast place to go!