Friday, May 1, 2015

【中国游玩记】 广州 - 荔枝弯 Fun In China : Guang Zhou - Such a Calm Spot at Li Tzi River

China Part 9 - Guang Zhou (广州)

Perfect evening for a short walk with a bit of historical story behind. :)

Finally, we arrive in Guang Zhou! So many things to see and buy there!

- 荔枝弯 -

From Li Tzi Bay, we could see the elderly were having their rest and some of them even group together for a nice dance and light exercises. Quite a unique city to visit. 

Guang Zhou, how should I say? A modernised city yet with hints of old lifestyle. 

The river is beautiful from my eye. :) I love it.

Here are the scenes that interest me the most. :) The bits of the river.

- The Culture on Yearly Basis -

- The Stage Performance -

- The street -

Streets and buildings, always caught my eye. :)

- Movie Scene -

The buildings that movies were filmed.

- The Local -

Hehe :) My aunts blended in by playing their games too.

- "Teng Zai" Porridge 艇子粥 -

I miss the original "Teng Zai" Porridge from Hong Kong!!! Took this boat when I walk by. Something interesting to see.

- Sweets and Snacks -

Some sweets during our trip and some for souvenirs.

- The bridge at Li Tzi Bay -

- Dim Sum time -

They called it as the best Dim Sum in Guang Zhou. I might say it wasn't what I expected. Not very favourable by us in fact. Hong Kong Dim Sum still the BEST!

- Dim Sum -

Know what I mean?

 Happy long weekend everybody!


  1. Nice pictures, I remember ths city more of the high rise buildings alongside the river.


  2. thanks for sharing this, wish to go there too~ hehe