Friday, April 3, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 Food in Sabah - Kota Kinabalu : Weekend at The CoffeeLab by FiD #thecoffeelabkk

It was last weekend when we when we hang around together. It's been a while since the last!

So now, we are living at our personal Bermuda Triangle, way convenient for us to meet or reaching everyone home. 

We had our weekend at The Coffee Lab, new cafe in town and so much credit to their interior design. :)

- The Coffee Lab -

A "petite" counter with all the necessaries, coffees and cakes!

They do serve various glorious breakfast and meal too. Take a look at their Facebook page. Tempting.

- Iced Coffee Latte @ RM8.80 -

Special brewed coffee by The Coffee Lab. Perfect for a hot day. :)

- American Breakfast *Credit to Beverly* -

American breakfast which Charlotte and Beverly that day, I had my breakfast earlier and way to full to try their breakfast. Well, a soon to be bride need to cut down the unnecessary weight. :(

There's always a second eat out here. :) On Saturday, they will serve meal until 12.00pm and I guess they will be closing around 1.00 pm. Weekday will operate till 5.00pm while close on Sunday.

- Three of Us -

Glad to hang out together again, we talk, we laugh and getting know everyone latest updates. :) Our next table was looking at us, no sure why. Maybe we were too loud. haha :D

- Beverly #Saturdate -

Cozy cafe that I like. Worth for a visit! Check out this Coffee Lab by Frankie Interior Design. :)

Happy weekend!

Facebook :
The Coffee Lab

Contact No.
Taman Soon Kiong,
88300 Kota Kinabal, Sabah, Malaysia.


  1. cheap cheap coffee and nice interior it seems :)

  2. I went here too last few weeks with my BFF and their meals like Tori Katsu Don, spaghetti were pretty delicious. Congratulations to you, soon to be bride.