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【沙巴美食】 亚庇 Food in Sabah - Kota Kinabalu : Inspirolling ChimneyCake! Kurtos Spiroll, Imago Mall TimesSquare

Their signature Kürtös Kalács were selling like HOT "CHIMNEY" CAKES!

Each Kurtos Kalacs are hand-made and freshly baked. The best one was eating it while it is HOT/ WARM! Authentic Hungarian pastry was something extraordinary, the first bite was bits of crunchy at the outside, soft in the inside.

- Kurtos Kalacs -

Various flavour of Kurtos Kalacs. There's sweet series and savoury series as well. 

Sweet series can be treated as light snacks, while savoury ones will with bits of meat and cheese. :)

I love both sweet and savoury!

- Being Inspiroll -

Kürtös Kalács is the oldest Hungarian pastry which stems from the Hungarian words kurto that refers to "chimney"  and kalacs meaning "cake". Kurtos Kalacs was first made in Covasna Country, Transylvania Region by Hungarian settlers and the recipe is one of the best kept secrets of Eastern Europe.

At Kurtos Spiroll (TM), every piece of Kurtos Kalacs is baked to perfection after going through hours of fermentation to achieve maximum taste and aroma.

- Kurtos Spiroll @ Imago KK Times Square -

- Kurtos Spiroll @ Imago KK Times Square -

Each bread are freshly baked at their booth. :) Who doesn't not love eating freshly baked breads?

- Inspiroller's Guide -

1. Pinch 2. Unravel 3. Break 4. Dip 5. Bite 6. Repeat!

- Kurtos Kalacs -

Approximately one meter for each Kurtos Kalacs! We can make it just like that!

- Spiroll Dog -

Special recipe on their hot dogs and overall, savoury! I love this Spiroll Dog! It's a must try!

- The Process -

We have the opportunity to see how do Kurtos Kalacs are made. Really interesting with all those processes, especially the oven that baked it without seconds!

- Varieties -

The first Kurtos Spiroll in East Malaysia is the one located in Imago Mall Times Square. And the original Kurtos Spiroll was started in Penang, where many delish could be found!

The original Kurtos Kalacs in the original Hungarian, while to blend in to the Malaysian taste buds, they creatively "invented" a few flavours to suits us. :)

- Chloe, Charlotte and Me *Credit to -

So now, where's the tea lady?

Bits of Kurtos Spiroll , Imago KK Times Square! #kkeats (
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