Monday, April 27, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 : 发记鱼杂专卖店 Food in Sabah - Kota Kinabalu : Fatt KeeSeafood Restaurant, Hilltop

There's only a few recommended fish stall in K.K. and one of it will be Fatt Kee 发记.

- Tomato Soup Base -

And tomato soup base would be the other flavour that I like besides Tom Yum. :) Sweet and sour flavoured.

- Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant 发记鱼杂专卖店-

- Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant 发记鱼杂专卖店-

Always packed and there were a lot of well known people/ artists went there for breakfast too!

- Fried Fish Slices -

Crunchy from the outside and hot inside! Combined with the sweet and sour Thai Sauce, Yums! It's a side dishes while having that huge bowl of fish noodles!

Location :
Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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  1. The server at this place made sure to explain everything on the menu (I love it when servers actually know the menu), and basically made us feel like we were her best friends coming over to her house for dinner. We tried a few things at San Francisco restaurants and were impressed.