Friday, March 27, 2015

【中国东山游玩记】关帝庙, 有准哦! Fun In Dong Shan, China : Been Blessed here! :)

China Part 8 - Dong Shan (东山), FuJian (福建)

寡妇村 (Village of Widows), 马銮湾 (MaLuanWan), 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) and 关帝庙 (Guan Di Temple)

It was evening when we arrived at Dong Shan after a long trip from Yong Ding (永定).

- Sunset of Dong Shan -

Gorgeous sunset. :) Caught my eye with the details of fisheries home.

- Village of the Widows 寡妇村 -

It was a very short evening with historical stories for us to understand bits of Dong Shan.

- Village of the Widows 寡妇村 -

Sad story I could say, imagine the women waited for her husband to come back to China for her whole life since the day the man left for war. And in the end, bringing a new wife aside. :(

And we proceed to the beautiful beach of "Ma Luan Wan" 马銮湾.

- "Ma Luan Wan" 马銮湾 -

A short walk along the beach! Well, I still our perfect view of Tanjung Aru Beach! Horray!

- Dong Shan Map -

- "Ma Luan Wan" 马銮湾 -

- Happy Birthday to me! -

It was my first time celebrate away from Malaysia. :) Our kind tour leader from China arranged a surprise cake for us!

After our dinner and its time to rest and another day to go in Dong Shan!

- 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) -

Had a simple breakfast before we start our day. :) 

A short walk and we could see a perfect calm view along the coastal area of Dong Shan. It was really amazing how China have uplifted so much to suits the world and yet still keeping the authentic ones.

Open wide with the sea, breezy morning we had!


- 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) -

Brief introduction about the surrounding of that fishery village. Bricks houses along the coastal.

- 风动石 (Feng Dong Shi) -

The huge stone which magically won't fall down. I wonder.

You know what? There's a phrase that China always say,

"the more you imagine an object (stone), the more it sees like what you imagine."

Plenty of stones for us to imagine and with tales.

- 风动石 (Feng Dong Shi) -

- 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) -

Ain't they gorgeous?

- 关帝庙 (Guan Di Temple) -

The temple was closed for renovation that time and we have been directed to another temporary building for prayers and fortune teller. 

The temple was one of the oldest temple in China and of course, the temple also well known for its prayers to be granted. Well, I do believe in heaven of Gods. I did ask about my future and it seems pretty correct when i think back.

It just a wise things to do. :) We can't run away from the question of career and relationship.

- 关帝庙 (Guan Di Temple) -

The sculptures on top of the temple roof. The heaven of gods. :)

And we were heading to Guang Zhou! Finally Guang Zhou! Lots to see and lots to love!

Happy weekend to you!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Meitzeu.

    Lovely pic. Arrive evening just nice for a romantic stroll

  2. Nice birthday surprise! :P

    So nobody tried to push the boulder down? Hahaha