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Friday, March 27, 2015

【中国东山游玩记】关帝庙, 有准哦! Fun In Dong Shan, China : Been Blessed here! :)

China Part 8 - Dong Shan (东山), FuJian (福建)
寡妇村 (Village of Widows), 马銮湾 (MaLuanWan), 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) and 关帝庙 (Guan Di Temple)

It was evening when we arrived at Dong Shan after a long trip from Yong Ding (永定).

- Sunset of Dong Shan -

Gorgeous sunset. :) Caught my eye with the details of fisheries home.

- Village of the Widows 寡妇村 -

It was a very short evening with historical stories for us to understand bits of Dong Shan.

- Village of the Widows 寡妇村 -

Sad story I could say, imagine the women waited for her husband to come back to China for her whole life since the day the man left for war. And in the end, bringing a new wife aside. :(

And we proceed to the beautiful beach of "Ma Luan Wan" 马銮湾.

- "Ma Luan Wan" 马銮湾 -

A short walk along the beach! Well, I still our perfect view of Tanjung Aru Beach! Horray!

- Dong Shan Map -

- "Ma Luan Wan" 马銮湾 -

- Happy Birthday to me! -

It was my first time celebrate away from Malaysia. :) Our kind tour leader from China arranged a surprise cake for us!

After our dinner and its time to rest and another day to go in Dong Shan!

- 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) -

Had a simple breakfast before we start our day. :) 

A short walk and we could see a perfect calm view along the coastal area of Dong Shan. It was really amazing how China have uplifted so much to suits the world and yet still keeping the authentic ones.

Open wide with the sea, breezy morning we had!


- 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) -

Brief introduction about the surrounding of that fishery village. Bricks houses along the coastal.

- 风动石 (Feng Dong Shi) -

The huge stone which magically won't fall down. I wonder.

You know what? There's a phrase that China always say,

"the more you imagine an object (stone), the more it sees like what you imagine."

Plenty of stones for us to imagine and with tales.

- 风动石 (Feng Dong Shi) -

- 风动石风景区 (Feng Dong Shi Scenic Area) -

Ain't they gorgeous?

- 关帝庙 (Guan Di Temple) -

The temple was closed for renovation that time and we have been directed to another temporary building for prayers and fortune teller. 

The temple was one of the oldest temple in China and of course, the temple also well known for its prayers to be granted. Well, I do believe in heaven of Gods. I did ask about my future and it seems pretty correct when i think back.

It just a wise things to do. :) We can't run away from the question of career and relationship.

- 关帝庙 (Guan Di Temple) -

The sculptures on top of the temple roof. The heaven of gods. :)

And we were heading to Guang Zhou! Finally Guang Zhou! Lots to see and lots to love!

Happy weekend to you!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 Food In Sabah - Kota Kinabalu : The Bean Factory 豆豆咖啡厂? Lido Plaza

It was my first visit to Bean Factory.

Cakes were good, coffee was nice. 

Moreover, I saw the marshmallows 棉花糖 above the cup of coffee serving at the next table. @_@  (And, it will be my next try out.)

- Bean Factory -

I love the taste of their cakes, generous amount of chocolate and cream. Bean Factory left me a good impression that they will make sure their cakes are freshly serve everyday. After 9.00pm (if not mistaken), 50% OFF!

- Coffees -

Coffee and Latte with homemade cookies! I love this!

Do Famous Amos ring the bell?

- Beverage and Food -

Not to be mean, but perhaps they can write in a better handwriting or draw with style.

 - The Counter -

Well, I might drop by again!

Facebook : The Bean Factory

Location :
Lot 8-1, 1st Floor Lido Plaza, Jalan Nosoob,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 Food in Kota Kinabalu : Brunch at Fook Yuen 富源, Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Everyone in town are starting to talk about Oceanus Waterfront Mall.
Non the less, Fook Yuen 富源 extended their business to this new mall in town and now serving with more varieties at the golden triangle of #KKCity!

No matter the locals or tourists, they know about the soft bread serve by Fook Yuen. Some of them said that it was like eating "air", which I'm not sure how's that feel. (haha)


- Signature Teh C -

In Malaysia, we called it as Teh C, in fact, its milky tea. The thick tea and milk combination made one addictive beverage that local love!

- The Signature drinks and Roti Kahwin -

Direct translation of "Roti Kahwin" is Married Bread! The married bread consist of coconut spread and the think cold butter. It's delish and eat like the local!

- Chilled Beverages -

I love the concept of this, chilled drinks and not with the ice inside the drinks. The ice dilute the good taste of the original drinks.

Now, lets us look at some other must know surrounding at Fook Yuen, Oceanus Waterfront Mall! :)

- Economic Side Dishes -

- Porridge/ Congee Area -

- Bakery -

- Muesli -

The bakery area. Selling fresh baked bread every day! And it's half price after 7.00pm to 10.00am!

Fook Yuen do take care of the quality of bread freshness. :)

- Air conditioning Zone -

As offered by Fook Yuen, Oceanus Waterfront Mall, it is the first Fook Yuen which provide air conditioning area, how can we don't wanna sit in at this comfortable area? Don't they have beautiful Spanish tiles there? Personally chosen by the owner of Fook Yuen, Oceanus Waterfront Mall.

- Smoking Zone/ Open Air Zone -

In fact, with improvement by owners of Fook Yuen, it seems to be upgrading their level from normal kopitiam to high class and comfortable kopitiam.

- Signature Malaysian Drink -

Teh Tarik! It's open air and we took a photo of him!

- Beverage Selections -

- Counter at the Non Smoking Zone (Air Conditioning Zone) -

- Macarons -

There's macarons too!

- Dim Sum -

Offering varieties of Dim Sum which favourite by most of us! Don't worry, they are serving NO PORK at Fook Yuen! In fact, I do love their evergreen Dim Sum!


- The last shot at Fook Yuen, Oceanus Waterfront Mall -

That's all for the day!

Location :
Fook Yuen Bakery & Cafe 富源
Oceanus Waterfront Mall

This is an invited food review.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

【时尚生活】 Photobook Review : Done in 15 mins!! #FotoZZoom

Forget about the old school photo album!

Now, we could replace the old style of developing hundreds of photos and insert into an expensive photo album for remembrance.

I do love photography and I used to love developing photos and recently, came across with photo book by FotoZZoom was a great experience. Convenient and user friendly website, moreover, speedy service that I received my photo book within days. :)

- Front View of  Photo Book -

There are a few online sellers that offering photo book services, yet I do love the step by step details that won't confuse us. On top of it, I saw that they are offering series of cameras too!

Here are few random shots on my photobook.

- Collage -

My photo book designed to note down the travel memories after my first trip to UK for furthering my studies. :) #Taiwan #China #Vietnam  #Thailand etc.

- Full Page -

- Both Pages -

- Both Pages -

- Back of Photo Book -

I have chosen the plain theme whereby I love simple design and with FotoZZoom Photo Book service, it is definitely the easiest and convenience website to design and own a memorable photo book within minutes. Basically, it also depends on the internet speed as well!

- Foto-zzoom Website -

Do check out the website and you will surprise how convenience it is. 15 minutes to complete the whole process and unlike the ordinary photo book service which need us to spend hours, days or even months to complete the photo book that we wanted. 

FotoZZoom is also the first who offers photo book service with varieties of design templates for us to choose. And in fact, if we want to have our own designs, just download the software from their website and design whatever you wish to!

- The Photo Book -


Just the way I love. I might think of having another photo book to note down my memories with my love!

Do try out the fastest and most convenient photo book service in Malaysia!

Remember to quote JDHCUBR1RBB54LG for special discount of 65% Off All Photo Books!

I love discount and don't tell me you aren't!

Tips :
Do put all the photos (60 - 100) that we wanted in a folder, it will speed up the time to choose photos during the process!

This is a sponsored entry.