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【中国永定游玩记】土楼之游 Fun in Yong Ding, China : Experiencing House of Clay

China Part 7  - Tu Lou (土楼), Yong Ding (永定), Northern FuJian (福建)

It was one of our effort to visit the local village during our China trip. And after a long journey from XiaMen to Yong Ding, we stay at the best hotel in that village, we could feel the cold air inside our room as well, covered myself layers and we could still felt the cold air. In fact, we do have heater. Oh Gosh. 

We began our second day with an early visit to the clay house! 土楼 (Tu Lou) at their Scenery Area.

 - Cigarettes -

The local made cigarette, anyone? Spotted this during our nature call (WC visit).

- The Ticket -

I still keep them and nicely left inside my diary. :)

And let us took a long walk to the clay house!

- The Clay House behind -

- The Jump Shot -

- One of the old Clay House -

A short story of Tu Lou, each Tu Lou (either it is round or in block), it represent a family under one roof, with relatives etc. The more people stay in the Tu Lou. the more solid it will be. It means that with the human "energy" in side, the building will last longer!

The funniest story I heard during my trip was, the English back then thought that China has been building tombs to prepare to have war! From the satellite signal, it does look round and huge!

- Souvenirs -

China has been categorising Tu Lou as the World Heritage. It was really good to know more about China lifestyle for Chinese from other countries.

- Tu Lou in block -

This building is an old building, we were directed to the new one which is in rounded building.

You will be surprise when you saw chickens walking around. They raise chickens inside the building. OMG!

- Sweets -

- The beautiful sight -

- Tu Lou -

Here we are!

We went to visit one of the Tu Lou, we were lucky to see the nicely decorated building which they were going to held a wedding ceremony! :)

In there, we won't be surprise that people are selling souvenirs as well. Reasonable priced and try to bargain with them!

- Inside -

The hall and rooms surrounded.

 - The Hall -

- Families -

- Random Shot -

- The second Tu Lou in block -

It was very far difference with the round one we compared earlier. We were surprised with the lifestyle here. 

Yes, they still live in there. 

- Last shot -

I love the handbag I bought!

That's all!


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