Saturday, February 7, 2015

Menggatal : Kokol Haven Resort and Kasih Sayang Health Resort. Perfect View of #KKCity! 【沙巴玩】 孟家达.

An unexpected road trip from KK to Kokol Hill.

Planned to visit Kasih Sayang Health Resort and in between the road trip, we drop by at Kokol Haven Resort.

In fact, Kokol Haven Resort do have a magnificent view of KK City and our beautiful islands with the perfect scene of horizon.

- Garden view of Kokol Haven Resort -

Sitting there and enjoying the view with breezy yet cold air, it was relaxing.

- Kokok Haven Resort -

- Kokol Haven Resort -

 - Kokol Haven Resort -

" Kokol Haven offers the most spectacular view of  Kota Kinabalu City. Views spanning far beyond 5 islans of Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks to the North, and beauty of the majestic Mt Kinabalu to the South. The resort is well known for its restaurant, Horizon with delicious dishes i.e. Oxtail Curry, Tuaran Mee and Fried Ice Cream. 
The amazing view coupled with Horizon's mouthwatering food makes Kokol Haven Resort a fantastic place to enjoy with friends and family " - Kokol Haven Resort.

- At the Garden of Kokol Haven Resort -

- The perfect view from Horizon, Kokol Haven Resort's restaurant -

We met so many familiar faces and friends, Kokol Haven Resort really caught Sabahan attention.

And next, further road trip to Kasih Sayang Health Resort.

- Cloud 9 Restaurant, Kasih Sayang Health Resort -

Another back to nature view with Kasih Sayang Health Resort. :)

We went there for a tea session.

- Acoustic singer -

Beautiful songs sang by them! They were only invited during weekends.

- Kasih Sayang Health Resort -

Sudden rain and the view was after the rain! I'm living on Cloud 9. 

- Kasih Sayang Health Resort -

Stay Calm and TAKE A BREAK. :)

Live to enjoy and of course, we can't forget that we need to earn to enjoy too!

Cheers! Happy Weekend!

Website :
Kokol Haven Resort
Kasih Sayang Health Resort

Location :
KM 10, Jalan Kokol, Menggatal,
Sabah, Malaysia.


  1. a good place for a relaxing vacation

  2. The place is surely nice and cool. :)

    Looks like Kokol Heaven website is (still) under construction, some pages returned 404 Not Found.

  3. Small Kucing : :) Totally best!

    Rungitom : Freaking cool!!! :D

  4. I guess it's a perfect getaway vacation for those love nature....proud to be Sabahan tho with so much interesting places we can offer to oversea traveler's out there.

  5. Hi! Thank you for review on kokol hill and kasih sayang resort. I would like to request for ur opinion which view nicer for pre-wedding photoshoot? I never went either of it ><

  6. Kokol Haven have superb view!!

  7. I'm so dillemma..some said kasih sayang nicer but some said kokol hill ><