Tuesday, February 24, 2015

【时尚生活】马卡龙 French Desserts : Macarons or Macaroons? Bonjour!


Means Good Day in French. :)

Month of February. Month of Love and in short, February is a busy month for important festive celebration! Wish all of you are well as I am. 

Before February ends, mom made badges of macarons for friends and I had a short photography session with them. Do enjoy the French sweetness. 

- Macarons -

- Macarons -

Many often make mistake and once I read that the correct one for this French sweet meringue-based confection is suppose to have one "o", instead of two.

So, the next picture will be the difference between both, don't make mistake again!

One made of Angel tears and another with coconuts. :)

Before ending this short entry, do enjoy the shots I took with MACARONS!

- Macarons -

Kid you not, I love my mom's recipe. No too sweet, just right.


More info : Macaron and Macaroons


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