Tuesday, January 27, 2015

【吉隆玻美食】Food In Kuala Lumpur : Just Two of Us @ Garden to Table Private Dining, Petaling Jaya

And it was a great lunch we had during our trip two weeks ago!

Yinsbear dated me weeks before I'm in KL. :) She work at part timer on a Saturday and frankly speaking, I do love the concept of private dining.

We took the LRT from KLCC to Taman Paramount's station and Yinsbear fetch us from there.

- Nasi Lemak Set and Scones Set -

Inclusive of the coffee. :) Coffee beans specially brought from different places (somehow countries), organic and unique ingredients that make Garden to Table Private Dining extraordinary from others.

- Buttermilk Scones -


Smells buttery and milky, a bit crunchy on the outside and soft inside. :)

- Interior -

It is a bungalow which we went for the private dining. 

Vintage table setting and without even noticed, time just passes quickly. The longer we stay, the more we felt comfortable with the place while chatting with friends and family.

- Of What We Had -

- Beverly and I -

- Nasi Lemak -

- Sourdough Bread -

The three bottles of jam of passion fruit lemon curd, marmalade and mulberries jam were home made by the chef!

Personally, it is not often we could see people serving home made jams. Aw~ I love it!

 - Coffee -

- Spread the Scones -

You know what? I love to "HAVE A CUPPA TEA/COFFEE" session, just the same old meitzeu. (Haha)

I took my sweet time while having the scones and coffee. 

- Me and Yinsbear -

Thanks to her for introducing us to try something different than we used to have.
And I went for garden tour and snap some photos too!

- Passion Fruits -

- Herbs and Plants -

- Basil and Herbs -

It was a good dining experience we had on that afternoon. And YYY! I want some more scones!!

Cheers! Till then!

Facebook : Garden to Table Private Dining

Location :
Lorong 14/37B, Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact :
+6 03-7932 5369


  1. thankew for coming LMT :*
    I'll bring u scones when i go over k.
    and cook u some jams too!

  2. wah the owner is an avid gardener too. great