Wednesday, January 21, 2015

【吉隆玻游玩记】 中央广场与茨厂街 Fun In Kuala Lumpur : Jalan-Jalan Central Market & Petaling Street

Had our simple breakfast at Pacific Express Hotel and that's the way to start a brand new day! 

So, both of us, Beverly and I had a good morning walk from the hotel to China Town Walk, which located behind our hotel (The blue building is Central Market).

- China Town Walk @ Laluan Pekan Cina -

It was officially my first stroll at that area, never knew that the design of those buildings was influenced by the Chinese culture back then. :) I do love heritage, without them, there's no today.

- Laluan Kasturi/ Kasturi Walk -

Where Central Market hawker stall located! Central Market can be classified as one of the place where crowd would be.

- Laluan Kasturi -

WAU symbol. One of the sign which symbolized the culture of Malaysia. :)

- Cultural Walk -

Just like what I have mentioned, culture is important and representing the nation today.

- China Town Walk @ Laluan Pekan Cina -

Random us, doing random stuffs!

- Sun Ray -

Love this shot, the morning sun ray.

I love being a tourist, and most of the time they treated me as one and wait until they knew I could speak Malay, they were surprised! haha :D

Just bare in mind, not everyone are nice, just be extra careful when we passes by the alleys and pick who to speak to!

- At the crossroad -

- At the Crossroad -

It took us less than 10 minutes for those who knew the way to Petaling Street. We were on a mission to find my mom requested cookies from one of the coffee shop, unfortunately it was under construction that day. :(

They named it as 鸡蛋糕 Egg Cake!

- Petaling Street 茨厂街 -

It was so long since the last visit, my parents normally comes here for the famous ROASTED DUCK!

- Mua Chi -

I am not a fan of peanuts, but I like the soft gummy texture of mua chi. Beverly bought one box for a try!

- Kam Lin Kei 金莲记 -

This restaurant has been well known with their Hokkein Mee! I love Hokkien mee! Never had the original one from here, but I had them at their Lot 10 HuTong food court. Delicious!

- Local Food Stalls -

Morning, there are varieties for us to choose from the first stall to the last. I bought fried radish for a try. The local Malaysian way. :)

- Girlie Snap -

The last snap before we walk back to our hotel for check-out!

That's all!

Location :
Petaling Street, Central Market & Jalan Kasturi.

Sponsored Stay :
Pacific Express Hotel


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