Saturday, January 24, 2015

【吉隆玻酒店】 Hotel in Kuala Lumpur : Pacific Regency Hotel Suites

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Perhaps this would be the first photo overloaded entry after blogging for years. 20 ++ photos n fact.

Photos speaks a million words. I believe that browsing through the photos, you would be in love with this hotel, one of the oldest hotel in KL. :)

- KL Tower and Pacific Regency Hotel Suites -

From the UberX ride we had, we went back to our hotel which located opposite KL Tower. We didn't noticed about it and our kind driver told us that there's a restaurant located at KL Tower as well, and their fine dining was good. Lovely aerial view of part KL from above.

- Pacific Regency Hotel Suites #PHRS (5 Star) -

Bets some of you would love to know how long it takes to walk to KLCC. It took us approximately 15 minutes to walk from PRHS to KLCC, and yes, we WALK from the hotel to KLCC, with the help of my iphone 5s maps.

- Pacific Regency Hotel Suites -

- Our Suites -

We do surprise with the spacious corridor, the spacious room and etc. Perfectly fine to us. :) Even though the hotel is a bit old, however, the hotel management had upgraded/ refurnish from one level to another to make guests feel comfortable while staying with them. :)

- The Pantry -

Complimentary drinks provided and how lovely is the room setting.

- The Bathroom -

A good bath after a long day will be a good thing to do. Both of us, Beverly and I took our sweet time and off we for our dinner and exploration the night at PRHS.

- Cristallo (Level 34) -

Weekdays 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Sunday to Thursday 6.00pm to 1.00am. 
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday 6.00pm to 3.00am.

Cristallo serving western cuisine.

- Best view of Sunset -

Gorgeous table for two and heard that there are frequent proposal from man to his love one here! How can a girl resist?

- KL and Sunset -

It was definitely dreamy and it was my FIRST sunset view in KL @ 34th Floor. We stood there and it was breathtaking! Heart melted that day.

- Cristallo -

Dining here would be the best thing ever.

- Soi 23 @ Level 23 -

7.00am - 11.00pm daily.

Soi 23 serving modern Thai cuisine.

We had our breakfast and dinner here and it was satisfying, the dessert was delicious too.

- Buffet Breakfast -

Greet by PRHS lovely staffs and we had a good breakfast that morning and before checking out!

- Soi 23 @ Level 23 -

- Cheese and crackers -

Just to let you know, it reminds me a lot of my university duration, cheese and crackers for breakfast back then in UK.

- Set Dinner -

Beverly had set dinner includes appetizer (Vietnamese spring rolls), main dish (as above) and dessert (cheese cake). 

While I had Thai style fried pasta seafood, delicious and generous portion served.

- Pavlova with mango sauce -

There's always a space for dessert. I love Pavlova!

Dinner was great and we had a short walk at Luna Chill Out Bar after our meal.

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

Monday - Thursday 11.00am to 1.00am. Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays 11.00am to 3.00am. 
Sunday and Public Holidays 11.00am to 1.00am.

PRHS was the first hotel which have the rooftop swimming pool and bar concept. Luna Bar would be so pack at weekends. 

Furthermore, private parties often held at Luna Bar as well. We were lucky to experience a bit of the private party that will be held later that night. Partying beside the pool. It was just WOW!

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

Luna Bar at evening.

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

Luna Bar at night.

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

The view of the rooftop swimming pool from Luna Bar's mezzanine.

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

DJ invited for the private pool party.

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

Had a quick shot from Level 34 at night. The lights of KL City.

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

- Swimming Pool and Luna Chill Out Bar @ Level 34 -

- With KL as Backdrop -

Staying with PRHS was a great experience and it will be one of the hotel that I would recommend to friends and family. Convenient and safe area for leisure vacation seekers. :)


Location : 
Jalan Punchak, Off Jalan P. Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact No.
+603 2332 7777

Promotion :

- Pacific Express Hotel (4 Star) -

More photos :


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