Tuesday, January 6, 2015

KK : Mexican Style of New Year at CABO, Lintas 【沙巴食】 亚庇 : 墨西哥菜

Happy New Year peeps!

How was your 2015 starting with?! Mine was so far, so good. Anyway, I hope that everyone are fine!

So, something special to pass the night and welcomed 2015.

At CABO, the new "in" restaurant to hang out with friends and love ones. This is the new Mexican Restaurant which many talk about!

- Cocktails -

We had Coronarita @ RM35.00, which others had and it was refreshing! While the smaller one is Cabo Mambo @ RM20.00 with hints of chili powder!

- Sipping the Goodness -

- Love their interior design -

I do love art, although my art sucks! haha :D

And waited for a bit till 12.00 am!!! 2015 is here!!!

- The Dances -

Everyone were happily greet each other and love the environment quite a lot! In fact, will be going to dine in their restaurant sooner or later. :)

Oh yea~ I met my silent reader - Bryan again!! We look at each other and laugh that night!

That's all and do enjoy your week!

Facebook : CABO


  1. great to travel again~ wish you have a good year 2015!! =D

  2. Happy New Year Meitzeu :)

    What a wonderful evening you have there :)