Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bits of Updates This January 2015

Well, we are back from our recent KL trip for an invited reviews. :)

We were blessed that we are safely back in town, both flight of KK to KL and vice versa were a bit unstable due to bad weather. Gosh!

Here are a few random photos to sum up the weekend trip down to KL and invited #Saturdate to tag along.

- Shopping and Strolling Here and there! -

Just like others, its CNY next week and we went for last minute shopping too! Strolling by foot at streets of KL, something that we are not often did.

- Pacific Express Hotel (Central Market) -

- Pacific Express Hotel (Central Market) - 

- Garden to Table Private Dining -

- Cristallo, Pacific Regency Hotel Suites -

- Luna Bar/ Rooftop Swimming Pool, Pacific Regency Hotel Suites -

Thanks to all the sponsors by Pacific Regency for hosting us two nights stay in their hotels. Both of the hotels do have their differences, however its still in a good way!

That's all for today! And once again, meitzeu.com accomplished another milestone!


  1. More post about your visit to follow?

    Happy New Year Meitzeu :)

    1. Happy New year to you too!!

      Haha! Yup! Lots to follow!

  2. nice shots! i love the view of the hotel suites. happy new year!

  3. Looking forward for the follow up post. :)