Thursday, December 4, 2014

Remember that "乌龟车"? Its BORNEO BUGFEST 2014 @KKCity! #Volkswagen

I still remembers that good old days when we used to see that "Turtle" Car.

Do you remember that we used to hit your friends with your palm and shout "FLAT!"?

"乌龟车。 FLAT!" Haha :D

It was another year of BugFest in KKCity and I was lucky to catch up with my time to visit the Volkswagen program held next to DBKK building. I just love vintage cars! How nice if I own one, but I can't drive manual. -_- (That was sucks!)

- Kombi - 

Bae love Kombi and such a nice picture he snapped with my iphone 5s!

- BugFest 2014 -

I bets there were more more bugs than which I have seen last Sunday! I saw a lot of them went to Kopi session around town and it was in the evening when I reached there (after our shopping at Suria Sabah)!

Luckily Bae took the effort to turn into that junction before I nag him again and before he regretted! :D

- Herbie -

I watched the Herbie movie, such a nice evergreen movie for bug lovers!

- Kombi -

There's more Kombi in town and I saw a few of them once in a while.

- BugFest 2014 -

Such a good job by organising this event.

- BugFest 2014 -

 - Herbie -

Can't wait for the next bug fest!


  1. Haha 'flat'? We used to hit our friends head and said something like 'fekbagon!'. Haha till now I don't know what that means and how to even spell it. It was so silly.

    Happy weekend, Meitzeu!