Tuesday, December 30, 2014

【中国游玩记】 福州与厦门之子弹头火车与中山路步行街 Fun In FuZhou & XiaMen, China : Bullet Train & ZhongShan Pedestrian Street

China Part 5 - Fu Zhou (福州) & XiaMen (厦门), Northern FuJian (福建)

 So our tour in FuZhou ended when we left via Bullet Train. :)

The experience with first class bullet train ride was good (inside the train) while standing between China men and women were one kind of experience. haha :D

Here are few of the photos to summarise my journey from FuZhou to XiaMen. Well, I do miss Xia Men, it was amazing!

- Fu Zhou Train Station -

- Bullet Train -

Although it was first class that we had, the price was reasonable and train is one of the cheap and convenient transportation in China, better than the long road trip. I should say, we should learn from China with their modern technology, they are amazing!

- Hours of ride -

- Train Ticket -

- First Class -

How many first class we can have in life?

- Random Shot -

Remember to open our eyes to see things out there!

Choo Choo Choo and we arrived at ~~~

- XiaMen (厦门) -

Hop in to our XiaMen tour bus and off we go to the first spot - The restaurant!

- The best in XiaMen -

The tour we took treated us with the VIP way, and of course, we paid #likeaboss too.

Back to the hotel and rest for a while and we went to the well known Zhong Shan Pedestrian Street.

-  中山路步行街 (ZhongShan Pedestrian Street) -

The pedestrian street gave me a feel of walking in Taiwan and yes, they were influenced by Taiwan culture which located next to XiaMen. We can get a ride via ship in fact. 

Here are what we had and see!

- Shops -

Just to let you know that XiaMen's nightlife was fine, to get to know more about XiaMen, do have a look at their buildings at night. Those neon lights was great and those lights represent the best development of that province.

- My Night there -

First expensive coffee after that few days.

-  中山路步行街 (ZhongShan Pedestrian Street) -

So many attractive things to see there. :)

- I love this! -

Very cute outlet that I didn't manage to visit, but only window shopping. :(

Well, I do love the culture of XiaMen. :) Good place to visit.