Saturday, December 13, 2014

【生活点滴】 Bits of Updates This #December! #bday ;)

December, Oh~ December. :)

A month that so many of us would love. :) In two weeks time, say hello to Christmas and New Year!

Hopefully all of us are doing great to end 2014. :)

So, my birthday was last Sunday and for the whole week, what I could remember were EATING. Gosh!

- Date with Bae -

Dinner at one of the restaurant I love in town. Kudos Bistro, Jesselton Hotel which located at Gaya Street. The decoration just lovely. :)

Appreciate the night. :)

- Kudos Bistro -

European Fine Dining Restaurant. Good service and of course lovely Christmas setting.

- Jesselton Hotel -

The oldest hotel in town. :) The one that Mohammad Ali and all the well known people stayed here in the old days. #heritage

And the next, Bae searching cake for me! From Gaya Street to Penampang and back to Gaya Street again. haha :D End up .....

- Sky Blu Bar, Gradis Hotel -

Perfect spot for couple and great view of city and the sea.

- Tradition -

An egg to start with a new age. :)

During birthday eve - Santola Cafe with #Saturdate and a surprise cake from my friend!

- Santola Cafe -

- Santola Cafe -

On Friday, bae dated me for Korean dinner few days before while I was doubting why so sudden and that's unusual of him since birthday on Sunday. 

- Pressie and Cupcakes! -

A surprise from my darlings!! Char and Beverly!! Haha :D 

I was looking at bae while I was thinking "Eh... No... Not my birthday yet." (when the staffs  and others was singing) I was totally stunt until Bev and Char appear! And they was wondering why "that" girl didn't even turn her head behind. haha :D

p/s : Cupcakes by Beverly's brother, he is one good baker!

- Us -

Never had such a surprise before. Appreciate all of them so so much!


- Christmas Carnival 2015 from 9th to 12th Dec -

Apparently had a walk with bae since that's one happening event.

- Casio Exilim ZR1500 -

Gorgeous camera and I'm so in love with it!

- December -

Two more weeks and Christmas here and the end of 2014. Just enjoy the good times.

KEEP CALM and welcome December. ;)