Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Eye Opener to Hobbycon 2014!

I believe that every individual have their hobby, wants and needs.

So, last Saturday #Saturdate date me to have a look at Hobbycon 2014 which happened at Likas Sport Complex. Well, I should say it was well organised, just a little bit warm at the venue due to some unforeseeable circumstance. 

Anyway, it was great to see so many cosplayer with all the well made costume. It was amazing!

Before reading further, FIRST!!

- #Saturdate and I -

Taken with Casio Exilim #ZR1500 :)

Bought our one day entry ticket @ RM20.00 and went into the venue. Took photo with Maguro and she was so cute as usual!

- Goodies for sale -

Handmade goodies and so many cute things to buy there! I bought the white cat ears hair band for remembrance.

- Lucky Draw -

Our prize of Japanese candies!

- Fuwa Fuwa Time -

With the theme - WONDERLAND TEA PARTY.

- Onnies and Yugana -

Well known cosplayer. 

Onnies from Thailand and Yugana from KL. I was amazed with Yugana's appearance. JUST WOW!

- Fuwa Tower Set - 

We wanted to have a tea as a support to Maguro and sorry to say that, we didn't make it. 

We arrived early and the maid cafe only start at 1.30pm. :( Way to warm and we waited for quite a while.

- Opening Ceremony -

Go Go Power Ranger! I used to watch Power Ranger way back during my childhood.

And #Saturdate almost made that happy dance there. Gosh! She love Power Ranger so so much!

- Us with our cat ears -

- Spider-gwen -

- Spiderman and Spider-gwen -

- Tom and Friend -

We went playing games before leaving the place! Chopping off tree trunks!

- Beverly, Mas and me -

I love how Mas look here. hehe :D

- Sabah Froz -

Ice Cream on a hot day and the best was it is a local Sabahan Ice Cream! 

That's all for today and look forward to see Hobbycon 2015!

See ya~


  1. Certainly a fun and happening event.

  2. Hobbycon looks fun! I've never been to east msia but I've heard of it ^^ I've met Onnies before and she's so funny, Yugana's makeup is crazy!!! XD


  3. wow hobbycon? didnt know got such a hobbycon! cool! haha

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