Saturday, October 11, 2014

两个人的咖啡。 No Bad Day at The B Side, Lido Plaza, #KKCity


Finally got the time to blog a bit.

So, we had another round at this little cafe in town during the night. I just love the simple design and the environment. A cosy cafe located not far from the city centre and more over serving the "IN" drink now a days - The COFFEE.

Let see what we had during these two weekends at the cafe.

Just Coffee, me and him.

- We had Cappuccino -

The biscotti and cookies served with the coffee was nice. :) Coffee was kind of good with biscotti and cookies aside.

- The Cakes -

Range of cakes for us to choose! Yums!

- During one rainy night -

In fact, I love to hang out with him, just two of us and chat what ever shxt. Seeing the rain drizzling outside is just a beau.

- Carrot cake and coffee -

- The Wall -

"Be In Love With Your Life. Every Minute of It."

- The Barista session -

- The Entrance -

Bae may not love the design at the first visit, but on the second (or maybe I love it =D), he likes it too. Simple design and the cosy loving environment and of course!!! The person beside!! Haha =D

- Random Shot -

By bae without noticed. #Paparazzi!! ;)

Facebook :
The B Side Cafe

Location :
Lido Plaza, Lido, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


  1. Been there with friends 2 months ago. The spaghetti are hard, cake are dry. Coffee not that good. I don't understand the rave to this place...

    1. Haha.. been there too, didn't try any of the food but coffee only - nothing extraordinary!