Wednesday, October 15, 2014

【中国武夷山游玩记】 大红袍茶园, 一线天, 风洞与虎啸岩 Fun in Mt. WuYi, China : Tea Garden, Tread of Sky, Wind Cave and Tiger Roar Cliff

China Part 4 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Hello :)

After our rest at the hotel, the next destination were more towards sight seeing and tea garden, non the less, we had so much walk again!

Well, I'm not going to sit in front my laptop for long, my waist/ back is hurt for days and even today. :( Hope it will recover before my trip!! Gosh!

Do enjoy all the photos here. Can you feel and see what I see?

- 大红袍 (Direct translation : Red Rob Tea) -

And we just walk till the end....

- That's the tea up there! -

The precious tea that the China categorized under world heritage.

- The Tea -

- Various name of tea -

We passes by various kind of tea at the tea garden, some of the even named after the surrounding of the tea being grown. "Can't see the sky" etc etc.

- The Crafed  Rock -

- The cultivation of Da Hong Pao -

Due to high demand and the well known tea from that area, those are Da Hong Pao tea trees which in the end will be selling at the markets.

- A Tread of Sky -

- Art -

Tell him your name and he will draw those mountains with our name!

- A Tread of Sky-

- The Cave -

- 一线天 A Tread of Sky -

It was the aftermath of earth quake by one huge mountain, the place was named Tread of Sky because when we look above, there's only one line that we can look through the sky. 

We had a walk and would like to finish it if possible, but the person in front of us was afraid of walking till the end due to the staircase and the cliff getting narrow when we walk through the end. Way too dark somehow.

- 风洞 Wind Cave -

I think the place were always breezy, that's why being named Wind Cave.

- Amazing mother nature -

That's all for today, I'm going to have some rest!


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