Wednesday, October 1, 2014

【中国武夷山游玩记】 印象大红袍山水实景演出 Fun in Mt. WuYi, China : Stage Show of DaHongPao

China Part 3 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Our trip to FuJian was inclusive of a stage show by one of the world most recognised producer, Zhang Yi Mou 张艺谋.

In fact, what I can only say is THE SHOW WAS AMAZING with 360 degree of outdoor stage show. Blending in with the background of the real mountain of WuYi and allowing us to "teleport" ourselves to Song Dynasty 宋朝.

- The Main Entrance - 

We enjoyed the cold weather while walking from the restaurant nearby after we had our dinner.

- Souvenir Shop -

- The Entrance -

- Backdrop -

One of the backdrop at the outdoor stage.

Maybe some of you might wonder what is DaHongPao 大红袍, it was name of the precious tea, well known from Mt. WuYi. Back then and even until now, Tea plays a huge role in China people lifestyle. DaHongPao also been classified under the "The World Intangible Cultural Heritage" (中国乌龙茶申报世界“非物质文化遗产). 

Back to the show, the show brought us way back to Song Dynasty, the calm lifestyle of that friendly village and forgetting the stressful lifestyle of ours. Lovely music, amazing show with hundreds of presenter. *Clap hand*

Here are some of the photos that I have secretly took. 
(*Cough Cough* secretly)

- The Outdoor Show -

It was freezing while we were watching the show, shivered so much even though we worn gloves and thick attires. Gosh! But, it was a great experience and all of us should watch such stage show if we happen to visit China.

- The Ticket -

Their rubbish, my treasure. I still keep them. :)

And now, my wish list before my China trip again on this month!! ZR1500 by Casio!!! I want to have a good night photoshoot!!!