Saturday, October 18, 2014

KK : Annyeong Haseyo! The Bab's Korean BBQ at Likas

Another round of delicious Korean Cuisine during one fine night.

While it was Bae birthday, we went to The Bab's for a nice Korean dinner in town, some where where not many people would go. 

- The Bab's -

It was our first time there, such a pretty environment at the restaurant, painted in purple and white. :) We have option to have our dinner outdoor and indoor, I'm a bit reluctant to sit out. Way to hot to dine in at Korean restaurant while we stayed in a humid environment 24/7 here.

- Appetizer/ Starter -

So many to eat while waiting for the main dishes!

- Pork Bibimbap - 

By looking at it's presentation, THEY WIN IT!


- Hot Plate Bibimbap -

In fact, I love Bibimbap and we had two pots of bibimbap in addition with a plate of fried pancake. Over eating that night for two of us, but it was delicious!!

- Bibimbap - 

Stirred Bibimbap! Both of them were scrumptious, tender meat as for the pork one. Stirred all of it together with their sauce, can't wait for another bite.

- Kimchi Pancake -

Kimchi pancake by The Bab's still acceptable, maybe it wasn't what I have expected. I tried a few Korean style pancake in town, I liked it and I'm still searching for the best one in town!

Overall, dinner at The Bab's was GOOD, however, the guy who took our order was a bit "gangsta" styled, I was totally surprised with the way he talk while taking our order. (No patient) *Boo* 

I paid two person in total of RM78.00++ that night, gosh.

Location : Likas Driving Range

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