Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mt. WuYi (武夷山), China (中国) : Such a Cold Night Walk! 夜游记!

China Part 1 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Finally it's September!! And three more months to end 2014! :)

In the other hand, FINALLY I'm starting my blog with another chapter, on my luxurious China trip last year! Wee~

- GuangZhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云国际机场) -

Landed ourselves at Guang Zhou the night before, had our delicious porridge supper nearby our hotel with our group of friends (friendly aunties and uncles, of my mom's friend) and headed to sleep.

And the next morning were the first day our trip begin! I SEE YOU FUJIAN!

福建 我来咯!哈哈!

- GuangZhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云国际机场) -

Baiyun airport was a maze! Followed our tour leader and we are safe! People act fast here and chasing time. Gosh!

Just would like to say, the luxurious trip with my parents and their friends was fun and so fast to see! And of course, price was slightly high but worth for every ringgit. We had good food and first class bullet train ride too. Awesome. :)

And non the less, lesser weird and scary situation I faced as compared to the previous China trip (Hainan).

- Arrived FuJian -

Reached FuJian and we head to our lunch at nearby and off we go for hours of ride to WUYI MOUNTAIN!

Don't be surprise with China's development, I took the photo when I passed by the long bridge during our ride from FuZhou (福州) to WuYi Mountain.

- High Class Dinner -

It was the best meals they could provide when we reached WuYi Mountain, we were starving and extremely cold when the night getting darker. I could feel the air even I'm typing now. (-_-)

- 武夷山悦华酒店 -

Checking in to the FIVE STAR Hotel of WuYi Mountain. Room and the surrounding were great, as for the meal they serve, we couldn't compare with our good food of Malaysia but this restaurant served the best breakfast I had so far at our trip!

Although we were tired when we arrived at the hotel, our lovely tour leader offered himself to bring us (those who were interest) for a walk along the streets outside of hotel. Experiencing the night lifestyle of WuYi Mountain, they said it was like sleepless city with those neon lights along the way.

A short desription on WuYi Mountain :
" The Wuyi Mountains are a mountain range located in the prefecture of Nanping, in northern Fujian province near the border with Jiangxi province, China. The mountains have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for cultural, scenic, and biodiversity values since 1999. " - Wikipedia

- Twist of Western -

China was introduced with more understanding on coffee not long ago, our tour leader complained that COFFEE IS EXPENSIVE in China!! Although people complain, but we still go for it!

My colleague even told me that Custom even prohibited coffee powder years ago. Oh my...

- Random Shot of Building -

- Random Shot -

With a huge screen and music, people at WuYi Mountain just DANCE! They love to dance and few of the ladies from our group even joined in the fun too!

- Random Shot -

Cannot forget about me too! You can't imagine how many layers I had inside... :/

I enjoyed the walk with the cooling air, gave me piece of mind about things that I need to "throw" away.

- Vitamin Water -

We also shopped at their market, fruits were cheap with RM0.30, we bought whole plastic of mandarin oranges. Furthermore, I saw Vitamin Water, whereby many of them was on Vitamin Water fever and searching for it while there's a famous movie series played on screen, and these were China version Vitamin Water!

- Local Restaurant -

Our tour leader just told us that WE WON'T BE LIKING WHAT THEY SERVE at the restaurant. (haha)

The next morning would be a long walk with beautiful scenery. :) Can't wait to share all the beautiful photos. :)

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