Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mt. WuYi (武夷山), China (中国) : Our Stay at Yeo Hwa Resort (武夷山悦华酒店)!

China Part 2 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)

Prepared ourselves for breakfast before we were going for a morning "walk" at the sightseeing area of Mt. WuYi.

Waking up ourselves at that cold weather  really pampered us so much. I love the weather and love the boots that I could wear!! I'm in love with boots and that outfits that I could wear while traveling at cold places. :) It's like the only time I can be fashionable while wearing thick clothes!

- Wu Yi Mountain -

It was incredible feelings that I can see the majestic mountain with such a close view. The clouds surrounded the mountain was like "heaven", fairy tales.

Okay, back to the main points of this entry! I wanted to share my review on our stay at Yeo Hwa Resort, the Five Star Hotel we were staying during our trip! It was one of the best hotel I have stayed during this trip!


- Breakfast - 

The venue was perfect! Clean and neat. My dad certainly enjoy his meal, (Haha)

The buffet breakfast was amazing with international theme and a combination of their local delicacies as well. Well trained chef there. :) Just to remind you, COFFEE was BAD. -_- A lot to improve it.


 - Part of What I Had -

Sweet potatoes is a must! So sweet and healthy!


- The Garden -

It's outside of the buffet area, it would be so cold if we happens to sit outside for breakfast!


- Temperature - 

A corner to inform us about the temperature of WuYi Mountain. Must get prepared with jacket or glove to keep ourselves warm. :)

 - Cafe -

Guests who are hungry at night, can go to this cafe located at Yeo Hwa Resort Lobby for a slice of cake and hot beverage. The cakes looks delicious!

Did you spot Haagen Daz ICE CREAM!!??

- Indoor Garden -

We saw something fishy outside when we passes by the night before, lights were switch off and gosh, the place was so beautiful and calm when we saw it during the day!

We did have a seat and rest and even take a snap of two at the resort indoor garden! How lovely it was!

- Indoor Garden -

There's a bird in the bird cage behind me! Chinese have a hobby of keeping birds during the olden days and they still keeping them now. 

 - Yeo Hwa Resort (武夷山悦华酒店) -

Remember I story about the night walk during the midnight we arrived the resort? 

Luckily I took a snap of the resort main entrance/ building. They told us that we were staying at the best resort of WuYi Mountain area.


- Part of Our Room -

I love the soft bed of our room. :)

The best experience are meant to be shared and luckily a compilation of last minute decision of writing this entry was successful!

 Till then!


  1. This hotel, Yeo Hwa Resort is absolutely a must if you are visiting Wu Yi Mountain.As the writer Adelaide put it, it was one of the best hotels I stayed during my trip, well said! Adelaide, exactly what I think too, you will not be disappointed, I am speaking from my own experience as I was part of the group together with her during this China trip. How I wish I have the chance to go back to this very hotel again, the buffet breakfast is worth dying for, Adelaide I see myself behind you at the breakfast photo, ha ha. One thing that impressed me in the room is a walking stick is provided and this is an extra bonus to those who are in need, thanks to the management of the hotel. it means a lot to the elderly, Judy Lee

  2. I've always wanted to visit Wu Yi Shan! Thanks for sharing, great tips!

  3. interesting hotel..and yes coffee in China is always very bad and hard to get...well they drink more tea compare to coffee...i have had hard times searching for coffee when i was in china