Friday, September 19, 2014

CLOSED - Spotted Nasi Katok Brunei #NKB @ Damai, #KKCity

On usual weekend, I will be having the Economic Noodles by Fook Yuan or the Meat Bun by Cha Kee Tiam, or maybe the fish noodle by Houng Kee.

Just out of some random days, we had our breakfast at JW's Corner and spotted one new stall for breakfast!


- #NKB -

It was my first to try out Nasi Katok Brunei. *Yum*


- Mixed selection -

There's three options to choose - Butter Chicken, Pandan Chicken and Fried Chicken!

Pandan Chicken was nice! Soft textured meat with Pandan smell. :)

- The Meat -

Mr. Yusri is a nice person and I also had a short conversation with him sometime last week after he found out I was the one shared the photo of #NKB via instagram @meitzeu!

Just wanted to say it was nice breakfast with bae too. :)

So, check out #NKB for good breakfast and even LUNCH! Tapao BAH!

Happy Weekend!

Location :
JW's Corner, Damai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
(Damai Food Court Area/ Near to Fook Yuan)


  1. So, yours only costs rm5? I haven't tried it before but it seems really good. If I were to choose one, I'd have Butter Chicken hehe.

    Happy Monday, tmr, Meitzeu!

  2. My fav gotta be ayam berempah. i took the combo hahahah :D

  3. i like pandan's so aromatic