Wednesday, September 24, 2014

【中国武夷山游玩记】 云窝 天游 桃园洞景区 Fun In Mt. Wu Yi, China : The Cloud's Lair, Heavenly Tour and Peach Blossom Paradise Scenic Area

China Part 3 - Mt. WuYi (武夷山), Northern FuJian (福建)
云窝 天游 桃园洞景区 (The Cloud's Lair, Heavenly Tour and Peach Blossom Paradise Scenic Area)

Majestic Mt. WuYi there we are to conquer you!!

- Travel with style! -

Coat and Boots from Hong Kong, Vintage Bag from my mom, pant from KK and hat from UK.

We were waiting for the "train" to arrive and off we go to the starting point of the tour!

- One Part of the River -

The tourist guide told us that the river were once used as THE SCENE FOR "JOURNEY TO THE WEST"! The famous movie by Stephen Chow! 西游记 - 周星驰

That crystal clear really give us a WOW!

- Heavenly Tour Scenic Area -

We are getting started, we can't get away from having a lots of walk. But, I LOVE IT VERY MUCH! That beautiful scenery, that person over there just open my eye towards life. :)

- That "Breast" -
Spotted during our toilet visit, perfect spot for the breast look alike peak. It is also one of the landmark at Mt. Wu Yi.

- Water Rafting -

I had water rafting on the second day during our trip, I love how the picture look like, very calm and perfectly taken. :)

- Turtle Peak -

Can you imagine the peak behind me as a TURTLE? The head on the right and it's back on the left.

- Keep Calm and SMILE -

I love this walkway with those trees along. It's lovely and beautiful, keeping us discharge from those negative energy we had. I just can't wait to visit these places of China again!

- Introduction Booth -

The Cloud's Lair, Heavenly Tour and Peach Blossom Paradise Scenic Area (云窝 天游 桃园洞景区)

- Fear not of Tired -

A small fee charged if we would like the local to carry us around the scenic area. Gosh! THEY ARE STRONG!

- Hiking -

Definitely high, my leg starting to shake when we look down.

- 848 Stair cases to go -

- We just hike -

I told myself that I must do it! Although I'm done half way with partially the best scene of Mt. Wu Yi. haha :D

- My Behind -

Everyone walking, there's so many locals who having their local tour as well.

- Looks Gorgeous, right? -

- At the booth -

Had a good look on Heavenly Tour, those peaks behind are peaks introduced during our tour.

- Just Half Way -

I didn't walk further, just stop here and back to the ground to meet up with my parents. :)

To walk further up, those would be people behind me!! During my friend's recent visit to Mt. WuYi, he was able to walk further, I do salute him after I saw his photo! OMG!

- Back to Ground -

Sure I had a lot of photo shots! I love how the Chinese could craft the words to the wall. It does amaze me each time I saw them. :)

Somehow I do learn something from those crafted words.

- BOO! -

Failed jumping pose! haha :D

Such a beautiful hiking during the day!


  1. wah, great travel experience, wish to go there one day~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. What an amazing place to visit. And I love your red jacket.

  3. Love the scenic scene featuring the beauty of mother nature! Is it too cold to visit the place on Winter? When is the perfect time to visit the place you reckon?

  4. veryyy heavenly..wah you paid for the locals to carry you guys ! got feel dizzy ar? as in lots of shakings~ hehe