Saturday, September 6, 2014

KK : Breadboss Bakery Cafe, Dah Yeh 【沙巴食】 亚庇 - 面包老大

Is another chillin' out evening for us and its been weeks since the last. 

The Breadboss Bakery Cafe located nearby our house and I wanted to try out for quite sometimes and it's just packed with people of different ages. Kopi O time for the elderies as well, don't play play.

- Our Coffee Talk -

Pretty coffee art and the taste just nice. :) Coffee were priced reasonable and the environment was just lovely for hang outs.

 Bae had Ice Mint Coffee, while I had Cappuccino.

- Breadboss Bakery Cafe -

Different groups of people enjoyed their drinks at the cafe after workouts and even have a short meet up at the spot.

The cafe claimed that the coffee beans they used are freshly roasted and maintained for not more than 15 days to conserve its freshness.

- Something Special -

- Bites -

Impossible that there's no cakes in a cafe. We choose our slice of cake from the fridge. :) Just to let you know that, the bread they are selling is baked by the baker there.

- Slightly 3D Coffee Art -

- Cakes -

There's place for improvement on the cake, slightly lack of taste in it.

Simple presentation, it's just lovely.

- :) -

Sometimes I just annoyed him with wefies.

- :) -

This is just us. :)

Lovely spot for coffee talk and non the least they serve non caffeine as well. No worry. ;)

The good news for some of you, they are now serving at night as well!

Location :
2.75KM, Off Jalan Damai, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Contact No. :
010-954 0140