Thursday, August 7, 2014

【印尼游玩记】 雅加达 Fun In Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia - Kelapa Gading Mall! Good Place to EAT & SHOP!

Indonesia Part 6Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta.

Dine In - Eat and Eat and Pappa Kopitiam.

Waking up with such a beautiful morning in Jakarta would be the first thing to do!

- Jakarta -

Our tourist guide, Mr. Han recommended us to go for shopping at Kelapa Gading Mall, one of the largest mall in Jakarta. In fact, it really opened our eyes to so many good quality and reasonable priced goods!

In short, shopping in Jakarta is a good choice!

- Kelapa Gading Mall -

That's one side of the mall, it was nice, doesn't it?

- CNY at the corner -

It was my first to see Lions to be ride on by children. We laughed so hard when we saw it!

- Food Court -

It's time to fill our tummy, we ended ourselves at Eat and Eat, well maintained food court with so many selection of delicious food.

- One of the menu -

Pork Satay. That's one of the selection we had and it was delicious!!! Oh my!

 - Pork Satay -

- Juice and desserts -

We rest a while and went for shopping again!

So we normally walk and went for a short break at Pappa Kopitiam... again.. 

- Pappa Kopitiam -

We laughed when we saw Pappa Kopitiam (Pappa = DAD!) :)

- One corner at the Kopitiam -

- Coffees -

- Our finger food -

Finger foods and drinks were good, however, they really had their good time while preparing the food. Extremely passionate and slow while preparing our food. Oh my.


- Cold Stone -

I miss this ice cream! The first one I had was during my holiday in Taiwan!

And off we go! Back to the restaurant and had a good dinner with family and an uncle that happens to be my dad's secondary school mate! What a small world!

- Part of my treasure! -

Such a good buy in Indonesia, quality goods and designer pieces. I really love to shop in Indonesia!

Kelapa Gading Mall definitely one of the shopping mall that I will keep in my list!

Address :

Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M,
Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14240, Indonesia