Friday, August 22, 2014

【印尼游玩记】 雅加达 : 海底梦幻游乐场 Fun In Indonesia : Jakarta - Ocean Dream Samudra (Jaya Ancol)

Indonesia Part 7 (End) -  Ocean Dream Samudra, Jakarta.


It was our last day in Jakarta before we left. Mr. Han brought us to the well known recreation park and we did enjoy ourselves with all the shows being performed, the crew really did a great job in managing the recreation park and the creatures there.

- Ocean Dream Samudra -

"Ocean Dream Samudra features several animal shows, a small aquarium, and a 4D theater. The trained animal shows include a dolphin show and sea lion show. The 4D theater projects 3D image movies with sensations such as cool breezes and water sprays located inside a large building with Mesoamerican pyramid theme. On 2011 Ocean Dream Samudra will be revitalized with the budget Rp.27 billion ($3.1 million). Ocean Dream Samudra now held "Under the Sea Musical Dance" attraction at Underwater Theater." - Wikipedia

- Interesting Variety Animal Show -

The first show we watched was variety animal show, interesting and funny. In fact, they speak Indonesian language when we were there. We were quite lucky that we are from Sabah, which we speak fairly like an Indonesian!

- Otters -

- Time Table -

We watched most of the show, however I missed the mermaid show (aka Underwater Theater)! :( Which I really would love to watch it! I went for nature call (washroom) that time. More over, our time was quite packed which we have to chase the time to watch the next show, to walk ourselves from one place to another.

- Sea Lion and Bird's Show -

Sea lions were cute and very friendly! The show still go on when there was rain, yea... We got dripped by rain. -_-

- Dolphins Show -

Jaw drop! the dolphins amazed me!

- 4 D Theater -

A show animated movie and we been splashed  by water too! Shaking seats. haha :D

- Pirates Show -

And the last show I watched was Pirates Show, they really did a great show to all of us! Well done! And there's freaking explosion too! Those stunts just WOW!

So, that's the final write up on my vacation in Indonesia, hope to see you soon, Indonesia!

Location :
Jl. Lodan Timur 7 Jakarta, Indonesia.