Friday, July 11, 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia : A Walk at China Town & Visiting the Oldest Chinese Temple (Jin De Yuan 金德院)!

Indonesia Part 5China Town, Jakarta.

It is interesting where there's something related to us were found in another country. In fact, I do love to visit China Town and I love to know more about another culture and so on.

It was really exciting when our tourist guide offered himself to bring us for a visit at the oldest temple in Jakarta, which located in China Town of theirs.

- Market at China Town -

China Town was made out of a few streets with shops of Chinese Indonesian business people. I have come across that I saw a few shops were selling meat and vegetables, and more over some Chinese New Year goodies too. 

China Town was seen not manageable by the local authority, the cleanliness of that area was really bad. :(

- Dragon puppet -

Came across with the dragon puppet which I never saw in K.K. It was adorable and that man really smiled when I took his photo. :D

- The first temple in Jakarta - Jin De Yuan 金德院 -

Definitely most of the sculpture of Gods were there, it was CNY and people just come and go after visiting to the temple. Yea.. those were Chinese Indonesian!

- The Entrance -

- China Town -

- Chinese Businessman -

- The Public Transport -

URL for more information :
Oldest Chinese Temple in Jakarta

Location :
Jin De Yuan 金德院  - Petak Sembilan


  1. wah nice, i wish to travel there one day~ XD

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. It seems that you're lucky to have that tourist guide. A good tourist guide can make a big difference to travels o kan hehe.

    Happy Wednesday, Meitzeu.

  3. nice photos :D