Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Incredible Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet by Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu!

It had been years that I heard about the good reviews on the buka puasa buffet by Le Meridien K.K. (LMKK), the varieties that we can select from all the dishes presented! Definitely made us wonder and what I could say is


 Here are some of the snaps shots of what we could expect from LMKK for the marvelous "sungkai" buffet!

 - Malay delicacies -

There's friends who are interested to try the buffet by LMKK, and the Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet will be held from 29 June, 2014 to 27 July, 2014 at 6.00 pm - 10.30 pm. Good to make a reservation earlier and there's Early bird vouchers at RM109.00 nett too! Just contact them for more information and bookings!

- Dim Sum Corner -

- Fried Corner -

The fried corner is one of the recommended one for those who love to eat fried food, FRIED CRABS anyone?

Beside these, there's Indian Corner too, which is a NEW corner by LMKK!

- The best of TAMPATAN CORNER -

The native delicacies! Hinava, Tuhau are those must try! I love hinava, where slices of fish being marinated and LMKK did a great job with the hinava, all of us love it so much!

- Japanese Corner -

Udon soup.

- Ramadhan Buffet -

This is only one part of the dishes presented, from the reception and walking towards our seats, were food and food and nothing but FOOD!

- Mongolian Station -

I love the Mongolian Lamb, tender meat and it taste really good!

- Laksa Corner -

Add whatever we like into our laksa!

- Grilled Corner -

So many choices and my plate were covered with meat that night. *sweat*

Grilled lamb and beef will be one of the recommended ones!

- One part of the Varieties -

From the previous experience during my normal day buffet, the place was tables and chairs for guests, you can imagine how much effort that LMKK have put in during Ramadhan month. The largest Bazaar Ramadhan Buffet.

- Satay Lombok -

I love their SATAY! Extraordinary large piece and with the peanut sauce, satay lombok taste delicious!

- Seafood corner -

The best part of buffet.

- Of What I Had -

- Desserts -

Nothing being perfect to end with good desserts. :)

Told you that it was hard to decide where to start with!

Location :
Circle Restaurant, Le Meridien K.K.

Facebook :
Le Meridien K.K.

Contact No. :
088-322 398


  1. wah, so yummy, thanks for sharing...

  2. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach

  3. RM109 quite expensive. But I must admit, there's way lots of variety.

  4. God bless the bambangan!