Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Updates : Pretty Lil Things

The weekends were great for the past few weeks. :)

So, most of us heard about the news that our beautiful Tanjung Aru public area will be privatized soon, maybe this will be the last time we could feel this breezy beach along with juices and fruits chilling with friends FREELY!

Visited Tanjung Aru beach last Saturday and had a walk, short chat and short photography session.

Lovely blue wedding theme that we have attended last Saturday. ;)

Learned the correct way of making Tang Yuan 汤圆,black sesame glutinous balls! Apple and Pandan sweet soup we had!

For the first time I had steamboat from 小桃苑, City Mall. Gosh, Mr. A and I had one of the most expensive steamboat, total RM78.00 for two pax, we had Mixed Pork, Pork Balls, huge portion of Mixed vegetables and double soup mix (chicken soup and chicken porridge). They said the concept is the same as Taiwanese style hot pot! Maybe a few more person sharing hot spot would be much cheaper then!

Harvest festival celebration is great during May. It was my first time visit to KDCA for their yearly celebration this year.

Amazing celebration of our natives tribes here in Sabah! All the monginum and Aramaitii (local language) will be there, I saw Old people were drunk and dancing as well. :D

That's all for today! Have a great day!

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  1. the beach will be privatized?? how? they gonna make us pay to enter?? fun at all..

  2. Hmm~ The area going to be converted into hotel and resort area.
    So in the end, indirectly we got to pay to enjoy that beautiful beach. :(