Saturday, June 21, 2014

That French Restaurant by Le Safran, The Peak Vista @ KKCity

It was my first time to dine in at Le Safran which moved from Suria Sabah to The Peak Vista, Likas.

 My office had held our Annual Dinner at the venue months ago, and here we are with some of the photos that I took during our dinner that night. :)

- Appetizer -

Either soup or salad that we can choose according to their set menu which my office got from them before that night.

The main dish which we can choose were Lamb, Beef and chicken (I can't remember there's fish in the menu or not), just like any other restaurant.

- The Interior design -

Dim light and cozy place for small chat.

- Main Course -

Dolled up for annual dinner (#asos)!

- Dessert -

Overall, there's space for Le Safran to improve just like what I have commented before (for their previous outlet at Suria Sabah). It was a bit disappointing that we had an average taste of the steak prepared by Le Safran. 

The pancake was quite tasteless which if it could be served warm and thin pancake top up with the ice cream, the dessert would taste much better.

Sorry to say that, Le Safran won't be my top list to dine in in the future, and exceptional for invitation from friends!

Cheers! Have a great day ahead!

Location :
Unit S5, Ground Floor,
The Peak Vista Block B,
Lorong Puncak 1, Tanjung Lipat,
88400 Kota Kinabalu, SAbah, Malaysia.

Contact No. :
088-266 489


  1. wow! pretty nice! :)

  2. a lovely place to hang out or go dating :p