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【印尼游玩记】 万隆 : 火山 Fun in Indonesia : Puncak/ Bandung - Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Indonesia Part 3 - Sumber Wangi, Puncak and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, West Java, Bandung

Awake from our beauty sleep and had our breakfast, waited for tour bus to arrive and off we go to the next destination! BANDUNG!

During our journey from Puncak to Bandung, we stop over for a short break at Sumber Wangi, whereby it is an outlet selling sweets and local delicacies. A short explanation that indonesian taste buds are more to sweet and savory food.

- Handmade Goodies -

Very cute frogy keychain and I didn't buy them. :(
You know what? The spirit of earning money by "chasing" us to purchase their goodies which selling outside Sumber Wangi's outlet just amused me. Yea... I did bought two bracelet from them! So pretty and colourful. I love colourful accessories. :)

- Local Delicacies -

Of what I have bought - Peanuts and crackers.

- Sumber Wangi -

- Fried Tofo -

I would love to try some and despite of their hygiene, I was a bit afraid to taste a bite. *Yaiks*

- Welcome to BANDUNG! -

Finally we were there!

- Lunch -

We had Chinese Indonesian Food by Masakan Ikan Restaurant, operated by Chinese Indonesia and quite tasty too! I do impressed with the tour package we subscribed during that CNY 2013.

- Heading to the next destination -

I truly love the view like above, feeling calm and green. Just love it so much.

- Tangkuban Perahu Mountain -

It was only a small part of the mountain, first we will be transferred from the lower part of the mountain to the highest place to see the amazing mountain view.

- The sleeping Valcono -

They said that Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is well known with Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi Legend.

Well, there's always a lagend about mountain, just like our beautiful Mount Kinabalu here in Sabah. :)

- Gotcha Selfie! -

- Souvenirs for remembrance -

Somehow Indonesian are friendly people, they won't really shout at you if you don't want to buy from them. haha :D

- Hand Crafted -

- Gunung (Mountain) Tangkuban Perahu -

"Tangkuban Parahu or Tangkuban Perahu is one of the mountain located in the province of West Java, Indonesia. Approximately 20 km to the north of the city of Bandung, with a lush pine trees and expanses of tea gardens in the vicinity." (source)

With Mr. Hon, a very down to earth man as our tourist guide (Indonesian Chinese) and I still remember he sang for us a few love songs (although he can't understand the meaning in that Chinese love songs) on the day we left Indonesia.

- Love this Shot by my sister -

This is yours truly and till next Indonesia post!

Location :

Tangkuban Perahu, West Java, Indonesia

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  1. Siok! I like the selfie picture at the sleeping Volcano the most.

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