Friday, May 23, 2014

Updates : Fascinating May! I'M LOVING IT, #SABAH!!

Hey Hey! It's been a while since the last update on "Updates" :D 

So I gonna make this short and interesting!

 - Trip to Sapi Island -

There were exactly 14 of us (12 bloggers and 3 friends) and yet so long since the last gathering with the awesome Sabahan Bloggers!

We got sponsored by Coral Flyer Island to Island to experience the world's longest island to island zipline.

And hah! The monopod I bought is ONE OF THE USEFUL TOOL for photography! Me LOVE!


 - View from Sapi Island to Gaya Island -

Love this shot that I took! :) Simply what we could see here.

- Photo credit to Borneo Frog -

Not scared but enjoying the time I had up there! WEEE~~~

I'm thinking of trying the paragliding and maybe hot air balloon too, before its too late!!!

- By #Kendylife -

Being supportive and supporting Kendy idea to promote Sabah month! Check out Kendy's blog for more information!

- Sabah Fest 2014 -

Appreciate the effort of Sabah Tourism to make this happen.

- Road Trip to Tamparuli -

It was Labour Day and Dad drove us all the way to Tamparuli from KK to have a plate of authentic Tamparuli Noodles!

- Ah Lai White Curry Mee VS My Kuali White Curry Mee -

It's the trend to eat WHITE CURRY MEE! I tried both and both have their own special taste. Generous spices by MY KUALI which made the whole bowl of noodles spicy with the red oil! While AH LAI in the other hand, fairly white with the creamer after cook. And overall, it just depends which one we favour the most, seems like both are nice and Ah Lai's taste just nice, not overly spiced after finishing the whole bowl!

That's all for my updates! :) Cheers!

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  1. Siok! So happening in KK. Seems like bloggers in KK have so much fun haha.