Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Night at Sabah Fest 2014 "AKI NABALU"!

 It's the month of May, it's the month for festive in Sabah!

The month of culture. :)

My family and I have been invited for this year premier show of Sabah Fest 2014. Thank you to the person in charge.

The theme for this year is AKI NABALU, a legend of the well known Mount Kinabalu, the mystery, the myth and so on.
Here are some of the scene that are beautiful captured that night. Do enjoy them. :)

- Kota Belud - 

The adventures and people they meet at Kota Belud when they are on the way to the mysterious mountain.

- The magic -

The magic who could heal a person from black magic.

- The Villagers -
During our night at premier show of Sabah Fest 2014, we have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful dances of various culture and non the less, the organizing team even invited the authentic native from the real village of Sabah to present as well! Well done to them!

- The Murut -

Always the last and the awesome highlights among others! Well.. Runs in the blood!

- The End -

Thanks for the beautiful people and organizing team who took part in Sabah Fest 2014. The culture must go on and WE LOVE SABAH!



  1. You are so lucky to be able to see it .

    Can see that the performers had put up real hard work to do this.

    I love to watch if can..maybe next year

  2. A different kind of feel for this year's performance, its a great show nonetheless. :)