Saturday, May 17, 2014

Puncak Highlands, Indonesia : Taman Safari Indonesia, Cisarua - Bogor

Indonesia Part 2 - Taman Safari Indonesia,

Hours drive after having lunch at Bogor and visiting to Taman Mini, we reached Taman Safari which is cold and kind of adventurous!

- Safari and Night Safari Recreation -

Safari Park Indonesia is well known with their outdoor wildlife in action, whereby vehicles can drive through to enjoy the scene with wildlifes next to us! Amazing! Indonesia Safari Park really opens my eye, good management in putting effort to take care of the wildlife with the suitable temperatures at the highlands.

- Elephants -

We can't see any solid cages that caged the animals, some of the animals can walk freely from one place to another, no boundaries.

Here are some photos that you might get a hint about Indonesia Safari Park. :)

- Picking up trash -

- Brown Bear -

- Rhinoceros -

- Tigers -

All of the wildlife there are in a herd and in healthy condition.

We saw hippo, lamas and other familiar and non familiar animals. 

After our outdoor trip via vehicles, its time for us to walk down the bus and get in touch with birds and other wildlife nearer.

- Baby Zoo - 

Wildlife that suitable to be placed indoor will be here for us to get in touch with.

- Bird Park -

- Orang Utans -

- Coupons to take photos -

- White Tiger -

- Cub - 

Super adorable and we can takes lots of photos!!!! Either with your camera or theirs, just pay!

 - Cowboy Show -

They have daily shows running! We totally enjoyed the show very much, the chickens, cows, horses were well trained for such a show! Hilarious show as well.

- Cowboy Show - 

There's goes our visiting to Indonesia Safari Park, I couldn't say more with how amazing Indonesia is!

Location :
Jl. Raya Puncak, 601 Cisarua 16750

URL : Taman Safari


  1. agh finally the coment box appear. refreshed more than 10x

    aw it rained when you went there? Hmm did you catch other shows apart from the cowboy show? Yeah we laughed too . Lucky we didnt sit in front else get splashed by the water. LOL

  2. Hi, can I check how much the tour cost?

  3. You should come again, although the entry ticket has gone up (as per Sept 2014 it's IDR 140K) but they add more interesting animals such as Penguins, Komodo, and sometimes later this year; Panda ....Yey!, we had fun during our last visit to Taman Safari Indonesia -Cisarua

    Btw nice blog! I've always want to visit Kota Kinabalu but hadn't have chance yet...