Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia : Indonesia in Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah" (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park)!

Indonesia Part 1 - Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah", Jakarta

It was the first time we celebrate our Chinese New Year outside the country last year (2013).

And it was also kind of different experience that we actually had KFC as our reunion dinner for the first time too!

- The morning Sun -

We reached Jakarta on the reunion night and the first day of CNY was wonderful with all the smiles from tour mates too!

By the way, it was midnight when we reached Jakarta, we saw fireworks from above the sky. Yup! There are Chinese Indonesian who celebrate CNY there (not many, but still there's spirit of CNY. :)

- Kek Lapis -

Local cake that was delicious which our tourist guide treated us on the first day of CNY. :) Mr. Han Han, our local Chinese Indonesian tourist guide who seldom communicate Chinese language but able to communicate with us and even sang songs for us on the day we left Indonesia. ADD OIL Mr. Han Han!

He told us that Kek Lapis for them is a symbol of growing up in their Chinese culture. Just like our  年糕 (Nian Gao)!

- Sumatera Barat (West Sumatera) -

The first destination was Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah", Taman Mini is a tourist destination that displaying the miniature houses of  at least 26 provinces in Indonesia. Besides that, there's art and handicrafts display as well, we can purchase them and experience the lifestyle of Indonesian as well.

In fact, Sabahan like us are used to have Indonesian around us since young age, therefore, I'm still okay with their culture. One more thing that for those who thought Indonesia is not a good country, you are WRONG!! And I've said that to myself as well, Jakarta is well developed with high rise buildings and even well managed infrastructure and shopping was GREAT there! Affordable price with good quality (depends where we are heading).


- Spotted this -

Well trained monkey for entertainment. Indonesian really are hardworking people, they find ways to earn for a  living, even at the main roads when vehicles stopped for red lights! Gosh!

- Sumatera Barat (West Sumatera) -

The must have pose of meitzeu at one place.
I wonder how many times more I can do that!

- The temple of Kung Hu Zhi (孔子) -

The confucius philosopher.

- This is Indonesia! -

Random shot from the tour bus and it was crowded with the locals there!

- Bali in Taman Mini -

Another province in Indonesia. I want to visit Bali!!! I mean the real Bali. :)


 - Bali -

- Bali -

- Skylift Indonesia -

Our tour was inclusive of skylift sight seeing as well (ticket Rp. 25,000), the scenery was great! Many miniature provinces that we saw.

- Skylift Indonesia -

- Skylift Indonesia -

Even they resized that map of Indonesia, Kalimantan etc.

I saw Sabah and Sarawak too, but not the above!

- One of the Miniature House -

After our tour at Taman Mini, we went for lunch. The tour package arranged by the tour company we subsribed really put effort on food, they search meals that suit us most and gave us the luxury that we should have!

- Buns -

I never knew Indonesia have their own version of buns, just like the Chinese.

Location :
East Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia.


  1. I tried the kuih lapis before and it's really good from jakarta.

  2. I tried the kuih lapis before and it's really good from jakarta.

  3. aiyak...i missed out on that. didnt visit it