Thursday, April 24, 2014

【时尚生活】Fashion : First Time with #AdidasNEO!!

It was my first writing a fashion post and especially with myself deck into chosen pieces.

Being one of the chosen blogger to write for #AdidasNEO is a great opportunity to start my first sponsored outfit entry here in! A simple thanks to #AdidasMY and couldn't think more of what to say. THANK YOU ADIDAS MY!

And here we are with my photo shoot with the pieces I have chose from Adidas NEO! Hope you like them.

- Back view of #Gomez Flower Sweatshirt (Black) -


- NEO Cap (Blue), Woman Shirt (Cherry)  and CONEO Miona Shoe (Brown) -

-  Woman Sweatshirt (Grey - Star) and NEO Cap (Blue) -

- #Gomez Flower Sweatshirt (Black) -

- On me : Woman Shirt (Cherry) and Chloe : Women Fox Sweater - 

- Woman Shirt (Cherry) and NEO Cap (Blue) -

- SE Daily Vulc Shoes (Grey - Unisex) -

- NEO Cap (Blue), Woman Sweatshirt (Grey) and CONEO Miona Shoe (Brown)  -

- NEO Cap (Blue) @ RM49.00, Woman Sweatshirt (Grey) @ RM170.00 and CONEO Miona Shoe (Brown) @ RM199.00 -

-  Woman Sweatshirt (Grey - Star) and SE Daily Vulc Shoes (Grey - Unisex) -

- CONEO Miona Shoe (Brown) and SE Daily Vulc Shoes (Grey - Unisex) -

Close up on the shoe and I just love all the pieces sponsored by Adidas NEO!

Casual designs that I love the most on weekends and time out with friends. :)

That's all for today and gosh... my first time on fashion post. *UNBELIEVABLE*

p/s : Do spot Adidas NEO in all over Malaysia and internationally!

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  1. Nice apparels!! I love Addidas stuffs too but lately been wearing Nike! haha...

  2. wow...i didnt know they are so fashionable. Looks good

  3. Chris : haha :D Both also brands love by many. :)

    Small Kucing : hehe :) Now you know!

  4. looking good. Small Kucing she memang very fashionable one...