Friday, April 4, 2014

Authentic Sabah Delicacies by Mango Garden Restaurant, Rumah Terbalik, Tamparuli

Being invited together with THP for food tasting at Mango Garden Restaurant during one Saturday.

 To refresh a bit of our memory, Mango Garden Restaurant is located at the same location as Rumah Terbalik (The first Upside Down House in SEA), so maybe a light meal after visiting Rumah Terbalik?

- The Outdoor -

Guests might opt for outdoor to have their meal.

- The Interior -

Lovely design for a family and friends gathering.

Quiet restaurant and food was wonderful if you love Malay/ local cuisine.

So here are some of the dishes that we had the other day. :) For the first time I had TUHAU! A local Kadazan delicacy, very tempting.

- Of What We Had -

Generous amount of serving to us. In fact, overall they served very nice meal and there are one or two local delicacies that I'm not really liked it. The way they prepared the brinjal was a bit unacceptable for my taste buds.

- Fried Inked Squids -

- TUHAU! -

Tuhau is a kind of marinated ginger and it acts like appetizer as well.

- Our dessert -

Banana served with dried coconut and brown sugar. Nice combination as they said, the banana might be "too young" to be eaten as it was a bit hard, but with the combination of brown sugar, it blends well.

- The Menu -

According to the owner of Mango Garden Restaurant, they are serving organic vegetables (moreover plant by them too) and even planted some of the spices as well.

- Little Garden -

So, we will be expecting to have organic vegetables when time goes by.

Definitely a good idea to beautiful and adding points to the Rumah Terbalik opened for public.

- The Entrance of Mango Garden Restaurant -

If there's friends asking me where to seek for local delicacies for a change, Mango Garden Restaurant would be the first choice! Comfortable dining in with nice food.

Location :
Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli, Sabah.

Contact :
+6088-783911 / 088-260263

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  1. Oh i've seen this place before, the rumah terbalik, would certainly love to pay a visit in the future. Those dishes look great too :)

  2. Now am regreting not going to this place when i was in KK. Thought too far away.

  3. Always curious about the taste of squid ink :P

  4. It's good that they started to plant veggies around the Rumah Terbalik.

    Will come back for the Mango Restaurant in time to come