Tuesday, March 4, 2014

China Guide : Hainan (V.1) - 4 Days 3 Nights 【中国】 海南岛游 : 四天三夜

Back to my grandparent's route definitely one of the "mission" to be proud of.

Despite of the dilemma we had from the tour company subscribed, the following are the destinations we had visited.

Good experience of

- 兴隆 (Xin Loong) - 海口 (HaiKou)

Do enjoy. :)

         * Random
            - Lifestyle and 美丽之冠 (Pageant Venue) 
            - 蝴蝶谷 (Butterfly Park)
         * Scenery
            - 鹿回头景区 (LuHuiTou Scenic Area)
            - 亚龙弯 (YaLongWan) 旅游度假村 
            - 大东海旅游风景区 (South Sea Scenery) 
          * Shopping 
            - 竹一百 (Bamboo 100), 包足底按摩 (Foot Massage), 茶艺馆 (Art of Tea) and Knife

       - 兴隆 (Xin Loong)
         * Scenery
            - 兴隆热带植物园 (Xin Loong Tropical Park)

       - 海口 (HaiKou) 

         * Scenery
            - 琼海市游览 - 博鳌水城游船观光 (Cruise Trip)
            - Sightseeing 
         * History
            - 琼台书院 (QiongTai ShuYuan) 

That's all for today!

- 鹿回头景区 (LuHuiTou Scenic Area) -

- The First Cup of Perfect Coffee in China -


  1. wow...very comprehensive wrap up leh :) will be very useful when I go

  2. My friend told me that is a lovely island and his whole family goes there every year!