Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Date with Lingerie!


they say that lingerie would be one of the expensive items that a girl should have in they daily life, its essential somehow.

Well, sometimes we may have some issues with searching for the one we would like to buy especially bras and underwear at public places and there's so many brand around!!

Non the less, I love bringing my socks/ legging along when travel to low temperature country, it just protect our leg/ feet from the cold weather and still looks pretty after all!

 A date with my lingerie!

 Don't get me wrong, panty horse also consider as lingerie as well! :D

Lately, discovering that lingerie could be purchased from online would be so much convenient and time saving for most online addicts.

XIXILI offers pretty lingerie, maybe we could buy online too! Opps! It's sound like shopping again! ;)
**This is a sponsored post.


  1. Wow, stunning pieces and love those bright shades. Will check out later and screen the details.

  2. XIXILI is a good brand. I didnt know they have online store too. Thought only the physical store